Am in hospital again after am awful day on Tuesday of almost passing out every few seconds and vision going etcetera. My EP had a case conference this morning and has decided to try a PVI. Pacemaker was suggested by general cardiologist but EP thinks PVI should be tried. He wasn't confident it would work before because I have a few different arrhythmias but they must have weighed it up and decided it is worth a go. I was so unwell after ablation in 2014 which was not PVI. Am so scared of the risks of PVI. Any pearls of wisdom from folk who have come through the other side???

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  • Vony, I'm so sorry to hear of the setback after you had an AF-free time just recently. Your hospital has the most excellent group of EP's and if they feel a PVI is the best way forward, then I would trust them. One less than positive experience shouldn't put you off completely and my consultation with one of the EP's in Belfast left me feeling very confident about how they do things.

    My friend had a PVI at your hospital just over a year ago and he is so happy to have gone through with it and is AF free. The risks are there but the EP's are aware of them and take the necessary steps to minimise poor outcomes - it's just to us, up the sharp end, that it seems so frightening.

    Although I cannot speak from experience, the choice between a pacemaker and the possibility of a PVI improving my quality of life would most likely be the PVI. It is totally understandable to me that someone is frightened of ablation - especially after one bad experience - but this could be your chance to quell the AF and perhaps limit the impact of the other arrhythmias?

    I hope you get plenty of reassurance and advice from people who have gone through a PVI. Please feel free to PM me if you want to discuss anything.

    Best wishes xxxx

  • That is wonderful advice as always Finvola. I agree that the EP I see in RVh is wonderful and I have a lot of faith in him. I think that my quality of life has declined so much that I really have little choice but to try this and hope and be positive xx

  • Oh Vony I'm so sorry :( No words of experience or wisdom from me, I'm sorry, but sending huge sympathy, love and prayers x

  • That is lovely JaneFinn and much appreciated xx

  • Hi Vony, methinks this is one where Bob's input would be valuable!!

    Firstly, I think you are right to think positively as it is unlikely the EP would proceed if he wasn't optimistic about the outcome. I had a cryoablation where they used a balloon to freeze the pulminary veins which they used successfully on three veins, but they had to use a single delivery "fingy" to isolate the 4th one. I was sedated and did not experience any great discomfort and the recovery was no problem either. I can't comment on RV ablation, but I'm sure there will be others who can.

    I just googled PVI and they stress the low risk element but any procedure carries a degree of risk, but fortunately, it sounds as though you have full confidence in your EP and his colleagues so I expect you will proceed so the best of luck for a successful outcome....John

  • Thank you John for your encouraging words. I think my own anxieties need managed and I need to stop focusing on the risks and the what ifs. Unfortunately I am hard wired to worry,!! That is why I find he perspectives and experiences of people on his forum so incredibly helpful xx

  • Oh Vony, so sorry to hear this. Glad you have a helpful post from Finvola. Let us know how you get on please.

    Big healing hug.


  • Thank you Jean. This forum is so lovely for the support and rooting for each other :) xx

  • I had a PCI cryoblation in sept all went well took 5 1/2 hours but had ga so didn't feel a thing spent night in hosp home next day took it very easy for 2weeks infact still taking it easy went to cardio today he is very pleased with results still on all meds as I have another problem to deal with hope all goes well for you xx

  • Lots of wise and supportive comment above.

    So sorry that things have gone pear shaped, Vony, especially after it was all going so well. I wonder how things are for you today.

    You and I have discussed the fears before and was it not said that there's nothing like a downturn to help one make up one's mind? It doesn't make it a less scary prospect but it does help to dispel any doubts.

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