Hi everyone, Had my ablation yesterday at 2.30 was down until 6. They did a cryoablation which I did know I was having until the day as EP said he thought it would be better for my type of AF. Has anyone had this?

I am at home now and don't know why I worried so much. Had a few brain freezes during produce which they told me I would and a little chest pain but that was all.

I am a little sore in my chest and groin but no need for pain killers. Will keep you informed how recovery goes fingers crossed it works.


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  • Good to hear from you. Yes, do hope all will be trouble free.

    Ablation does sound very scary but if all goes smoothly, it isn't quite the huge hurdle we anticipate beforehand. But goodness, how it can move us forwards.

  • Well done keep spreading the gospel. Now your most difficult job is not to over do things. Take it very easy for at least two weeks and no lifting. You will get some frights along the way as I am sure they told you that it will be at least three months before the heart settles down but these will be quite normal.

    Relax and enjoy.


  • Hi Rob, so pleased all went well, it's always great to hear positive news, take it easy and stay in touch with your progress please....

  • Well done that man! So good to hear, mine due in 4.5 weeks so starting to get the 'jitters'. Keep us informed.

  • Had the cryoablation myself in January. Watch out for migraines in the first few weeks and a few unusual bumps and grinds. I still get ectopic runs but so far have only had two small AF episodes, one in first week post procedure and one in June. Before the procedure I was in AF for three out of every for weeks! The main problem for me has been anxiety but even this is fading. Good luck!

  • I had a cryo ablation a year and half ago - never looked back. Apart from regular ectopics (missing beats) which you just have to get used to and the very occasional lapse into AF (every 4 months or so) it's been like night and day.

  • Had my cryo ablation last December and my progress since then has been almost identical to Mikey mikes. So pleased I had it and wouldn't hesitate to have another if it became necessary. Well done to you and Good luck for your future.

    Suzie x

  • I had my cryro-ablation 18 months ago and it has been life-changing.

    I also get the odd ectopic which of course at first can set off the panics, but my EP said that although occasionally a cryro does need a second one after a few years, it's got by far the best success rate of any technique for AF.

  • Hey Robert

    I had my cryogenic over 18 months ago - I'm a new person now - just take it easy don't push yourself for the next few months and all should be good.

    Keep well


  • Well done!! Comforting to hear for those of us thinking may be time to consider this move. What is a brain freeze though? Keep well

  • Hi A brain freeze is a pain in head a bad headache didn't last long a double of times during produce but they warned me it could happen.


  • I had cryo last November. Amazing life changing experience. I had a few sustained bouts of PVCs in July, started taking lots of magnesium which has helped tremendously. Good luck!

  • Hi have been up for a while now feel ok but my eyes are a bit blurry like they are missing words out a bit in newspaper or looking straight ahead does anyone know if this could be side effect from ablation? I don't have a headache.


  • I am post ablation 2 days and my brain feels a little fuzzy. We all must react a little differently. Have been reassured by all the positive comments. I am just taking the odd panadol for my aches.

  • Hi Robert, I had my ablation (not cryo though) just over two weeks ago and after a couple of days woke with some squiggley flashes across my eyes which lasted about 20 minutes and then disappeared but had a headache for the next couple of weeks. Thankfully they are now subsiding and just feel a bit woolly headed sometimes. Hope all goes well for you and you continue to improve to an AF free life.


  • Very good news, so glad you have had it done and hope all goes well for the future. I had cryo, it seems that some do and some don't - all depends on the individual heart and what it is doing. My first one was not, the second was, and from a personal point of view, I felt exactly the same post both.

  • Won't add much to the previous comments but only to say that I had the squiggly lines in front of the eyes for a couple of weeks. i was quite worried until I popped into my optician who explained that this can happen post ablation. would have been nice to have been warned! It disappeared after 2 weeks never to return. Good luck with the recovery.

  • Thank you for that have put my mind at ease.


  • Thanks for posting...I am scheduled for ablation a week from Tuesday, likely using cryo. So what's up with the brain freeze? Does it feel like eating ice cream too fast? Were you awake during the procedure (I likely will be)? Good luck on your recovery...from everything I have read, you need to take it much slower than you think.

  • Hi it is day 3 now and feel good only groin a bit sore but that's to be excepted, I had a few flutters and thought I was about to go in to AF but haven't yet. Didn't mean to worry anyone about brain freeze all I meant was it is a bit like when you eat something cold gives you that sort of headache but really not that bad and doesn't last very long only when the are ablating area.

    I found the produce nothing to worry about and would do again tomorrow if I had to and I didn't have a general I was sedated.


  • Well done! I agree about taking it easy if that's possible and it's important to stay optimistic. I've had 4 bouts of AF since my first ablation mid-July - which is a lot for me - but it's a big procedure and everything needs time to heal.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, made me smile as brain freeze sounds like it could be something much more dramatic (glad not so) hope all keeps going well

  • Hi,

    I had same ablation as you 09.10.15. I went down at 8.30am and returned at 12.45. I have throbbing pain in central chest every time I lie down, get up and walk too far. I'm panicking incase I have damaged my heart or that I am not going to heal and end up being worse off.

    The ablation did not work and I'm still in constant AF, the doctor asked me to go back in 5 weeks to get cardioverted for the 5th time.

    All this is messing with my head and getting me really anxious.

  • plz let us update that is very intresting....take care

  • I am post op cryoablation 2 days. Like you a little chest pain and overall soreness but I feel like I am on the mend. My flutter appears to be under control. Hoping to be back at work in 5 more days. Glad to hear you are on the mend too.

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