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So far things are going ok. I still need a heating pad the rid some of the pain from my sympathectomy. I do not sleep well at night at all so I tend to sleep half the day away. Today my chest is bothering me more thank normal as well.

I feel palpitations every now and then if I'm paying attention. I keep wishing for my ptsd to get away so I can get things done around the house by my husband won't have it. He would rather me stay still and rest that to do anything right now. I wish I had some close friends that wouldn't mind a day of their time to spend with me but we have nothing of the sort in the States. I feel really bad for my husband because he has been left to clean the house, do the shopping, and go to work.

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It's a long haul for you and really hope you improve at a pace from now on. Good old husband, I am sure you would do the same for him. Take care.

I Certainly would do the same for him if he wasn't a stubborn old marine. Lol. Things are getting better I'm just getting old so healing is so slow.


Isn't that what you did for years? As a mere male who sometimes doubles as a house husband if I'm in a good mood I am well aware of how easy we have it.

Stay chilled. He can take it.

Please stop beating yourself up. You are poorly right now and need to recuperate after your procedure. You don't have to do a thing while you heal. So just enjoy being waited on by your husband and give him lots of praise for all he does (that means so much to them). Now let me get this into your head. You need to recover after your procedure, you are in no fit state to do anything right now! Give yourself time to heal and just rest for a few weeks. Big healing hug. Jean

We all feel for you - but it won't last for ever. Focus on what you can do - listen to music/radio? email friends far and wide? read . . . anything to take your mind off your limitations and make the most of the enforced rest. Before you know it this time will be in the past - What's on the tele?

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