Going on week 9 of post surgery

So far things are moving along at snails pace. The last three weeks I have been walking more. The last two weeks i have begun to do some house cleaning. First it started with just dishes. Now I do dishes, some vacuuming or laundry and at least one or two litter boxes. The litter boxes are the hardest on me. Vacuuming tends to keep me in a panic or more nervous really. My whole body tingles in fear but I push on. Dishes are easy although standing can make my feet and lower legs want to swell. That goes away once I start walking or put my feet up. I took a chance this past Sunday and did a little driving. It wasn't too bad. I was a little shaky at first and when traffic piled up i got a little panicked, but I did Well. Once I made it to my destination, my husband drove us home form there. I still have short spells of depression that tend to irritate my husband. He just rolls his eyes, walks off or tells me he doesn't want to hear it. So I do my best to suck it up and carry on with the day.

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  • Glad to hear of the good progress.

  • Onward and upward and don't look back. Don't let your past spoil your future. Good luck

  • Dear Rubyladyemerald: Do you really have to stay with a husband who is so insensitive? I know it's not easy to deal with that when you are ill but he may be contributing to your problem. Take care of yourself...

  • He is not that insensitive. He panicis when I don't feel well. My health scares him. So his insensitivity is just his defense. I don't mind it really. It keeps him out of my way to focus on myself. And if I have to speak from a financial standpoint yes I am stuck with him. I have no money. I have not worked since 2004. So all my money is long gone. I was 28 when I got sick. It cost me everything. I had to give up my kids, my home, and life as I once knew. I spent four years with a family that didn't care if I lived or died. They cared less than my husband does. I had to step into the darker side of life just for food. So to spite his formalities I do love him. I owe him everything and I'm doing my best.🙂 So please don't put him down when this heart failure is harder on him than me. He gets to watch me black out and go into cardiac arrest. He watches me get poked and stabbed with needles and tourchered by the doctors with one surgery after another. He and I are a team. If I can't he can and I'm working on getting back to when he can't I can. He deserves the sympathy more than me. As mater of fact he can us the prayers more than me. 🙂

  • Dear Rubyladyemerald: I'm sorry if my response upset you. I am also sorry that you have had, and continue to have such bad luck. Just hang in there and know that people do care. I wish you better days...

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