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Afib and hypothyroid


I have persistent Afib with NO symptoms . I am on metropolol 25 mg and benzazapril for high blood pressure

Saw EP - he did not recommend a halter. Recommended electric cardio version

Wants me to be on anticoagulant 1 month before and one month after cardio version .

** Has anyone with a fib been to an endocrinologist ...about your thyroid, I am hypothyroid :a high tsh (6.7) and borderline free T4

2 years ago my dr gave me script for synthroid but I didn't take it- now he won't give it to me because he says it could be bad for my afib - help - anyone dealing with afib and hypo thyroid???

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i think you need to see a new doctor for your thyroid problems because Afib can be caused by low thyroid and it is only if you are overdosed and above the reference ranges of thyroid blood tests that it could affect your heart. As it is low thyroid could be making you worse in relation to your heart. Our thyroid is the master gland in the body and when that is out of balance all kinds of problems arise.

nikonBlue in reply to Hennerton


I have an underactive thyroid and have AF and this is the first of me realising there may be a connection. I have been taking Thyroxine for many years now and at no time has either my gp or indeed my cardiologist even mentioned my thyroid situation!

In recent months I have suddenly had an increase in my AF episodes and I get extremely breathless at the slightest thing, which I never had before....perhaps it's to do with the thyroid. Guess I better discuss this with my doc or cardiologist but thanks for the post. I just never knew there could be a connection.

Stay well,

Blue :-)

Hennerton in reply to nikonBlue

You will probably find your doctor knows nothing, or very little about thyroid and wil be guided by a laboratory blood test for TSH. This is the only one the NHS does routinely and only tells half the story

If you ask for the result of your most recent test and then post it on the Thyroid UK forum of HU (simply move across using same username) adding info like what dose you are on, etc members will help you. Thyroid problems are probably the least well treated and the most misunderstood of all branches of medicine. You need to be your own doctor. Learn as much as possible yourself. My GP cheerfully says I know more than she does and lets me get on with it myself. Good luck.

seasider18 in reply to Hennerton

Recent article on thyroid treatment.

Hennerton in reply to seasider18

Thank you,. This was posted on the HU site of Thyroid Uk as soon as it was published. It is a very knowledgable site so anyone with thyroid problems on this AF site would do well to join.

hi -

if you. are hypothyroid and fib would like to hear from you.

did you find an endocrinologist? what meds are you on? thanks

I am probably not a good example for you as my thyroid has been removed following overactive thyroid. Therefore I absolutely have to take thyroid medication. It would be more helpful for you to go to the Thyroid UK site and ask there.

anybody: experience with endocrinologist who treats hypothyroid and fib?

On a slightly different tack if you have no symptoms how did you find out you had afib? I also have underactive thyroid (slightly) and have taken thyroxine for years and am suspected of having afib. So far we don't seem to have managed to confirm it though. I only take apixaban as my heart rate is mostly around 60 and the beta blocker I took was stopping me from having exercise by making me breathless.

Salvatore68 in reply to PattsieL

I found out - routine EKG

Salvatore68 in reply to PattsieL

do you have afib and hypothyroid?

Hello, I've had afib for years, the last four treated, medication and two ablations. About nine months ago I started having symptoms of hypothyroidism and saw an endocrinologist who prescribed thyroxine, not sure of the brand name.

At my three month check up he wanted to increase the dose but, in consultation with my EP, he decided not to as it can affect afib. My EP doesn't want to change my medication which they think may be affecting my thyroid so at the moment I have mild symptoms of hypothyroidism which I can live with. Not sure if that is of any help.


Salvatore68 in reply to PJR1949

hi penny

how you doing

are you levotherxine or synthroid for your thyroid?how many mg did you start with?

do you notice feeling better with it?

PJR1949 in reply to Salvatore68


I take levotherxine, not sure of the dose but I think 50mg if that sounds reasonable. I'm away at the moment and the pills have been decanted into my pillbox.

Have been taking a cocktail of medication for my afib for ages (I had a cardiac arrest and so tend to go with what my consultant wants me to do even though I think maybe French doctors tend to over medicate a bit) which includes amioderone since my last ablation which left me with tachycardia.

Probably this is what has brought on/ exassipated my hypothyroidism and I was rather hoping to come off it but my EP said not to as if I did I'd probably need another ablation and the last one was only a few months ago.

Sorry, that maybe wasn't what you were interested in. My hypothyroid symptoms were, I think pretty classic; tiredness and feeling fuzzy, my face swelled up and was very red so I looked like a cross hamster, I seemed to be hungry all the time and have put on weight ( but the hungry might have been comfort eating!).

About three months in my TSH level was still a bit high, hence the consultation between consultants. I think, not unreasonably the afib pulled rank. I do however feel much better, nowhere near as tired or fuzzy and only look like a mildly irritated and hungry hamster (cheeks not as puffed up).

Is that of any use at all I wonder? Happy to answer any questions you may have but this is a brief runaround my situation. I'm due to see both in early September and can update you if that is of any interest.

Good wishes


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