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First Ablation


My first ablation is due to take place on Friday 14th July, although I am somewhat apprehensive, I also feel that Friday cannot come quick enough due to an increase in episodes. Over the last 2 weeks they have been more frequent almost daily and lasting anywhere from 10 minutes to 18 hours. I am also apprehensive about having to stop the Flecainide 4 days before the procedure (just took my last dose) and how to cope if I go into an episode before Friday. But my biggest worry is if they cancel the procedure and how much longer I will have to wait for another appointment, fingers crossed that won't happen (channel positive thoughts).

From recent posts by others I have gained some valuable advice of what to expect during the ablation and what to do afterwards in terms of recovery (do very little 😉) and would like to say thank you 😊

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good luck for Friday!! Try to relax if you have anything happening before then- go to A and E if you feel ill- they can monitor you and you can tell them you are not to take meds unless its unavoidable- at least you'll be in a safe place

Shellyrich in reply to rosyG

Thanks rosy

I had my ablation on 26 January at Barts under Prof Schilling I was actually in AF when the procedure was carried out.

He said he had to use the paddles to bring back to NSR.

I haven't had an episode since and although I am back on beta blockers for other symptoms I feel I am getting better daily.

I am glad I had my ablation as it gave me a chance for a better life.

I sleep better. I try to exercise and wAtch my diet.

Please be brave and I really hope all goes well with your procedure.

Good luck for Friday. I had my ablation at the end of January this year under Prof Gill at St Thomas's. Like you I was worried about cancellation at a time when the news was full of such stories. But it went ahead and so far, nearly six months on, my luck seems to be continuing. I've taken everyone's advice on here, tried not to do too much too soon, and although I've had some short runs of ectopic beats I've had no repeat of the horrendous AF episodes. I've now stopped the beta blockers and although I need to improve my fitness I've got my life back, to the extent that I survived Glastonbury (albeit alcohol free) including working there as a volunteer recycler. So, go for it, and take things easy afterwards. Good luck.

My EP was called to an emergency on the morning of my ablation. I was gutted to be told that someone else was to do it. The new EP was excellent and I was told that both were present towards the end and both "saw the mapping."

You are doing all that you can to rid yourself of this rotten condition, to improve your quality of life. No regrets. Prepare well, stay calm and go with the flow. Keep this in mind :-. Many people have 3 or more ablations. They wouldn't willingly have more than one if it were that bad! Hopefully you will only need one.

Very best wishes for a successful outcome.

Good luck. I was told that it wasn't important if in AF at the time of ablation. The poorer stats for persistent only apply if it has been present for a long time. Hope all goes well.


Maggimunro in reply to Beta44

I was in Afib for my second and third ablations, no problems.

You are bound to be anxious. Who wouldn't be? Try to think of this as the start of getting your life back. People who have never had Afib find it hard to understand the utter fatigue of an attack and how debilitating it really is.

Chin up and fingers crossed for Friday.

Hi, I remember it being a bit scary stopping my flecainide but I did okay without it!

I got 5 years symptom free after my first ablation and am into 12 months since mysecond! Stay as calm as possible and if the worst happens and op is delayed then get 150 flec as soon as poss!

Wishing you the very best of luck x

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