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Found posts from members of our community re coming off drugs a week, days and hours prior to an ablation procedure. Flecainide, Bisoprolol, and Apixaban and alternative Anticoagulants were mentioned. I would have thought that one is also at risk of clots during the procedure also? My question is what happens after the ablation, in my case I only take aspirin 75mg, should I expect to be put on one of the anticoagulants or could I continue taking Aspirin. Would be particulstly interested hearing from people who wereally on antiplatelets prior to ablation. Thanks for all your stories, am learning loads!

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  • In UK aspirin is not approved for stroke prevention in AF and has no use basically. It can also cause harm in the form of gastro intestinal bleeding for no benefit. Prior to ablation one is normally anticoagulated with warfarin or NOAC for a number of weeks (in my case three months) and nowadays this often continues throughout the ablation procedure although some EPs may ask you to stop a few days before and use clexane to bridge the period.

    Again different EPs have different ideas but it is not uncommon to continue on anti arrhythmic drugs such as flecianide for a period of a few months afterwards to allow the heart to heal in peace. Unless you have other heart related problems or prior stroke which actually needs aspirin then I think you need to discuss this with your EP as soon as possible, Anti platlet is NOT the same as anti-coagulant.

  • Thanks BobD for your response. I take Flecainide as pill in pocket and I am having less episodes since giving up Flecainide on a daily basis, I found it was pro arrhythmic. It doesn't work that well any more even when I have an episode. I take1.25 Bisoprolol daily. In a sense medication doesn't work that well, but I haven't tried alternatives. I have paroxysmal AFib and am getting less episodes lately, am beginning to think rate control suits me better. You are right when you say that EPS vary in their opinion. I am told I don't appear to have any underlying cardiac problem,and my ChadVasc score is 1,that is why 8 was offered Aspirin.

  • Why take something that does little good whilst having the potential to harm you? That is why NICE no longer lists it as suitable for anybody with AF. If you are in UK I am amazed your doctor(s) have suggested it.

  • Hi

    I am on aspirin as well as warfarin because I also have stents.

    Aspirin in Af is about as much use as a chocolate teapot, so if you gave no other cardiac complaints I would give up the aspirin

  • I have af and take apixaban along with aspirin as I have previous heart problems, I was told I would need to stop taking apixiban the day before my ablation but would continue after.

  • And I had instructions that I MUST continue my apixaban on the morning of my ablation (this Monday just gone)! It has been continued since.

    (Originally, I believe I was told they would probably also administer another anticoagulant - Heparin? - on day of procedure but I have no idea from the incomprehensible tiny print of technical terms contained on my discharge sheet whether this happened..)

  • They often administer Hepatin during the procedure. If you have other heart issues it is quite usual to have other drugs. At one point I was on clopidegral, aspirin and heparin.

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