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Two years after been diagnoses with paroxysmal a fib , I have ablation date for P.V.I. on 31 January , no flecinide two days before and no Bisoprolol on day of ablation. I not on anticoagulant, so a bit apprehensive about that . I not thinking of this procedure as being successful at this stage ,all I can think of is getting through it and nothing goes wrong, anyone got tips on what to bring with me on day of ablation , my mind is go blank.

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  • Prepare carefully for the 4 hours that you will be required to lie in bed post ablation. Place within reach a sports bottle of water, phone, tissues, mirror, lip salve, a banana, a cereal bar, book and anything else you might need. I had a GA and I suffered badly from my lips drying out in an alarming way so lip salve would be essential for me.

    Best wishes for a successful outcome. Just think, it can't be that bad because some people are prepared to go through it 3 or more times.

  • Thanks jennydog.

  • I always take a Bill Bryson book with me because it's good to have something to laugh at.

    I'd also take a bag/suitcase big enough to hold not only what you take in with you but also all the clothes you are wearing when you arrive and your shoes too as you may subsequently be moved to a different ward. Pack up in readiness beforehand. Keep out all the stuff jennydog mentions in something like a plastic box so that the nurse can hand it to you.

    I was invited to wear my varifocal glasses in the Cath Lab and it was a mistake because when I was lying flat I was looking at the screens about a metre away through the close up portion of my glasses and they were fuzzy. I should have left them with the lip salve etc.

    They will probably use something clot busting like heparin during the procedure. I wasn't on an anticoagulant for my first ablation, being only 64 at the time.

    All the best!

  • Thanks rellim, I like the idea of the Bill Bryson book ,not too sure I want to look at the screen ,all depends on how well I am sedated.

  • I was in la la land for almost all of the procedure and so remember virtually nothing, but it's nice to see your name up there when you are settling in. I can't remember what was there to look at, none too clearly, at the start. It impressed me anyway! I had my heart mapped last time and there are now 3D images on file.

  • Mys procedures I was knocked out for. After the procedure beyond ice hips then water all I really did after saying hi to wife was nap. Didn't give a crap about phone or books TV etc.

    Water I was happy. Now after six hours or whatever was up I was hungry then.

  • Glad everything went well for you ,you seem to have sailed through it.

  • That's interesting. My EP absolutely mandated AC for 1 month prior to the ablation.

  • Maybe it has something to do with our chads2 score , mine is zero,

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