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Ablation in UK or Thailand?


I was due to have an ablation at St Barts tomorrow with either Dr Schilling or Dr Sporton. Unfortunately I've caught a stomach bug from my two year old son and the procedure has been cancelled. The thing is that I've been offered a job in Bangkok and am moving there in November so it's going to be a real struggle to fit in another procedure before I leave and even though they have said they would try it may not be possible. The thing is that I could have the procedure in Thailand as it's covered under the medical insurance and also the main hospital over there has a brand new arrhythmia clinic built this year:

I guess it's pretty unlikely that anyone here has had a procedure over there but if anyone has any advice in general that would be great. I already had an ablation in January this year, also at St Barts, and unfortunately it didn't go that well with my AF actually worse following the op, though to be fair it has calmed down a bit in recent months.

Thanks for any help!

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Interesting dilemma . Turn down one of the best EPs in UK or take a chance on a new facility with no proven track record. I think one should look up the Eps in Thailand and try to fiind out how experienced they are.



I agree with Bob- it is best to have ablation in a centre where lots of ablations are done and all are experienced- can you delay the move?


And good follow up...


Dr Sporton did my ablation and as you're asking for an opinion I would chose him over any other EP.


Gosh its a toughie, especially you starting a new job but for me tried

and trusted would be the way to go. Good luck


Thanks for the comments! I know how well exp and respected the UK EPs are but unfortunately I might not have a choice! I've already delayed the move to Thailand to have the op I was supposed to have today so I can't delay any longer and so it's really frustrating to have missed it. I'm at the mercy of the waiting list now but feeling better about having it Thailand if necessary. They have a lot of medical tourism there, mostly from the states, and the arrhythmia clinic looks pretty comprehensive in the video and also was built this year so I don't think they'll lack for any equipment.


BobD - I don't think it's a brand new centre over there in that they've never done ablations before, I think it's just a specialist arrhythmia clinic rather than general cardiology


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