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Bored out of my mind!


My surgery is tomorrow. The telly is a bit lacking anything of interesting. My hospital room will be full of people later and I just hop I have enough energy to deal with all of them.

I am looking forward to the surgery. Anything to help me feel better. Since my new doc changed the parameters of my icd I ave to be on oxygen or I get a little bit of pressure in my chest. Other than that I sure could use a good night's sleep.

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HI Ruby, not sure what you are having done tomorrow, but hope all goes well for you and that you reap the benefits after the recovery wishes.....

I'm having a sugery called a sympathectomy. I have to have the sympathetic nerves that control the adrenaline gland to selected parts of the body severed. Its moderately abrasive surgery but it's the last resort for me to get relief from a VF storm. I have been told it has a 60% to 70% success rate in people like me that is one of those hard to control patients. I wish I wasn't so difficult.

I can understand you're feeling bored in hospital, it's a case of sitting and sitting and sitting. Drives you up the wall, but it's good that your procedure is tomorrow. I hope you are soon feeling well again, please let us know how it all goes.

Wishing you well.


Hope all goes well for you. X

Love and prayers.

Best wishes for tomorrow Ruby.

good luck!!

Best wishes for tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing all went well for you. 🍀

Best wishes and hope all goes well.

Try and enjoy the quiet and rest! I find it very difficult to sleep in the hospital because of all the noise and activity. Good luck tomorrow!

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