Two months post ablation

I had the first part of a hybrid ablation procedure in April. As this was the Maze procedure by endoscope and a excision of the LAA, I was left feeling a bit drained for a couple of weeks. Since then, I have slowly fought my way back to fitness; no AF episodes or other arrhythmia in May or June, but still slightly washed out by the bisoprolol.

I was very active before diagnosis and I am now back on the bike and up to 25 miles max; still on the canal bank, not ready for the hills in the peak yet. I still get tired after a day at work, but have noticed over the last week that I am less tired than I was and can continue working for longer in the day.

I am hoping that this is me moving towards the end of the blanking period and I will continue to improve. I have my three monthly check scheduled for the middle of July and will be fitted with a halter monitor. If all goes well I expect to have the catheter ablation in August/September.

Overall, I am very happy with the progress and very optimistic for my long term recovery.

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  • Sounds an excellent result John, well done and best wishes for part two.

  • John, sounds great. I'm at 7 weeks post 3 ablation of PVI. I'm off the anti-arrhythmia drugs but still having a few ectopics and I've had three short AFib episodes. I used to be very active and cycling was a mainstay for me. I've not ventured out yet as trying to ensure o take it really easy. Have you found the exercise has helped? Best wishes Jonty

  • It is good, but not yet even approaching normal. I had lots of what felt like AF in the week after the op, a couple of days after the first fortnight and one bad issue after a very stressful work day in May; i was told these do not really count as AF during the blanking period.

    I am still on bisoprolol and amiodarone, so still experiencing a reduced heart rate; to be honest, the bisoprolol had more of an effect on my breathing and fitness than the AF.

    You can probably guess from my avatar that I am a bit obsessive about bikes and still had a relatively good level of fitness before the ablation. I live in the peak district and used to average 16 mph on long rides in the hills.

    After the op, I went on short walks every day, building up to 4 miles after a couple of weeks, then got back on the bike. I am now restricted to a maximum heart rate of 130 and can only manage 13 mph along the canal and the local park, but it feels good. This does seem quite steady, but don't want to push too early and undo any of the good work. I do feel a lot better and think the exercise is a major part of that.

  • Sounds good, best wishes for next procedure.

  • Keep hanging on in there John. I'm back to the hills now and so far so good. Halter ecg on Monday and 3mth follow up in 6 weeks. Set a PB for Monsal Climb this week, but don't tell the mrs'!

  • Excellent news Mark, I spotted a few of your rides on Strava; I was impressed and in some ways jealous. I am feeling much better as well, on a ride last Friday I felt more comfortable than I have for a long time and got a third overall (MTB route and only covered by 20 people previously, but still). My three month follow-up is in four weeks. I am not sure if it is the amiodarone keeping me in NSR or whether the procedure was successful. I am very hopeful.

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