Six Months Post Ablation

Just an update for you. It’s been approximately six months since my April 2017 Ablation and it was, thus far, a success!

It took me a long time to recover from the Ablation procedure and I’m still weak. I don’t exercise as much as I should. At times, I get fast, heavy heartbeats and a bit of dizziness from simple walks up stairs, but no irregularities.

It seems to have taken a long time to recover from Ablation, but I’m mostly well. One thing that may have prolonged recovery time is doing too much right after procedure (travel!) I should have stayed home and recovered properly.

At any rate, things are good now. Just thought you’d like to know so you can compare my story to yours.

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  • Good news and yes I always say do nothing the first week and not a lot more the second. An easy restful recovery is better long term from my experience.

  • good to hear you are nearly recovered- well done!

  • excellent!

  • Good to hear Lars.

  • I too took about 5 months to recover and another 6 months approx before heart rate went back to normal(for me mid 60s) But I am free of AF for 4 years so hurrah. Here's hoping you have an equally successful outcome

  • Good news!

  • What antiarrhytmic medications did you take? Are you still taking them? How long have you had afib and did you require electric cardioversions?

  • Afib began in January 2017, but I’ve had palpitations for years and years. Maybe some of those were undiagnosed afib. This was my first, and I hope only, Ablation. I’m not on anything but Pradaxa blood thinner, but I have bisoprolol as a PIP. I never had a Cardioversion. Hope this helps.

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