premature atiral beats

After being told by my cartiolgist I had AF I have now been told I have premature atiral beats. Has anyone else got these and what to do I have been told to take flecainide after he told me to stop taking it. I made my GP ring him to explain to her. I go in this week for a angiogram on kidneys. Don't think I take it until after that and I will see him in hospital.

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  • I think you will find it is a general, none specific term and that early everyone will have them at some time, but depends upon the frequency and other factors as to whether or not they are troublesome. I certainly get them and ignore them.

  • Read also ectopic beats. generally not dangerous but annoying when frequent.

  • Those premature or ectopic beats are not uncommon. Many people have them, it's just that we with AF are so sensitive to every beat of our hearts that we notice them. For some people taking some Magnesium taurate daily seems to calm those ectopic beats.

  • I have AF and am on Xarelto, with no complaints. Every 6 months, my cardiologist puts a heart monitor on me and has told me that I am in AF often. I did start taking a name brand Extend-Release Magnesium 250mg daily with evening supplements and have noticed the reduced frequency of AF. It works for me and there were times I knew I was out of sinus rhythm, but don't notice the AF as before.

  • Yes I was told also by my cardiologist that I had pre-mature arterial beats. But I've never noticed them and in the last two years they don't seem to have been any problem. I did have AF for a while but it became hardly noticeable after I lost 50lbs and obtained a normal weight

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