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I know there is a lot of info on this site about holiday insurance however, with the holiday season now in full flow the attached web link may provide people with useful additional information.......

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  • Excellent thank you.

  • My travel insurance company of choice is over the years it has proved very good for getting me good, reasonably priced cover. I don't have AF but my sister does and when she was quoted by one insurer for her USA trip last year £2k for her family's insurance, I said that she could check with All Clear and exactly the same cover cost £600 for her whole family. Highly recommend them.

  • Also worth mentioning that it can sometimes be helpful to have a talk with your GP if in any doubt. I was having difficulty getting a reasonable quote and wondered whether I really needed to put Angina as a condition. A chat with my GP confirmed that as an angiogram had not shown any artery problems the angina was caused by AF so need not be declared separately. He also found and printed out a letter from a Cardiologist saying that I had no other heart issues apart from AF and was therefore fit enough to have a major operation. So I felt I had covered myself there.

  • Talk to Tim is another good insurance company. They are related to stay sure who put me in touch with them as stay sure wouldn't insure me for a week in Malta !

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