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Initial EP appointment at Barts

I saw Dr Ross Hunter today for my first appointment. He looked over all of my bits of paper, ECGs, Echo etc and gave me my options. He said no need for anticoagutation as no risk factors and said I could choose between 'pill in the pocket', regular medication or ablation. I chose PIP.

He was happy to discharge me today with 14 100mg doses of flecainide and will advise my GP to prescribe as needed. He said I should get myself re referred if I develop any co-morbidities, get significantly worse or turn 65 - whichever happens first! I'm very satisfied and reassured, not to mention grateful that I (hopefully) won't need to call an ambulance the next time I go into Afib.

Glad it's all in hand now

Tash x

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Sounds good Tash.

Best of luck!


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This sounds very pleasing.

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Excellent, I can't recall your history Tash but PIP is usually the first step.But please don't be complacent and make some lifestyle/dietary changes as well, leading your life as before is not the best bet for most people.

Suggested next steps (hopefully not necessary but it pays with AF to be prepared and stay ahead of the curve) If you get more episodes, even if all stopped by PIP, I would check and consider going onto a regular dose of Flecainide - which my cardiologist prefers. If you get to that point and still get AF breakthroughs on 100mgs per day, consider 200mgs/day i.e. the medium dose; I have been on the latter for 3+ years without a problem.

Hope all goes well and something of the above helps.


It's quite interesting that the protocol is so different in the UK. I assume you've had more than one episode of AF? In the US, if you have more than one episode you're on blood thinners for life.


That all sounds positive. I have Propefanone as PIP and has served me well. Hope it goes well for you too. Best wishes Kath


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