First EP appointment

Thanks to all your replies to my first post as a newbie, and all the advice I've read on the blog since, I had a good idea of what to ask for after I was diagnosed with PAF in December.

After initially trying me on beta blockers my very helpful GP was happy to refer me to an EP under the NHS and even researched where to send me - the William Harvey hospital in Ashford has an outreach clinic from guy's and St Thomas and that's where I was referred to.

I had my first EP appointment yesterday, I've been scheduled for more tests including 24 hour ECG, echocardiogram and heart scan to determine if I'm a candidate for ablation - something I wanted to pursue because I get quite severe episodes of AF and the beta blockers (bisoprolol at the moment) give me quite debilitating side effects. I've also been prescribed rivaroxaban rather than warfarin because my job makes the monitoring needed for warfarin impractical. All that, plus very helpful advice on how to manage episodes in the meantime. In fact it was all offered without the battle I was expecting and even without having to ask thanks to my GPs referral letter.

So far, so good, feeling much more positive now thanks to my GP and you guys out there for all your replies and comments, plus the information leaflets on the AF association website. Knowledge is power.

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  • Sounds like you are now getting the right support. Let us know how it goes.


  • Well done you.

  • My EP has been brilliant so far. It helps getting to see an electrician instead of a plumber

  • Let us know when there is a house for sale in your GP catchment area!!

    All the best.

  • I

    A and E etc.

    I have posted A few comments on this site recently and now I can report my own experience of A and E.

    After 3 days of tachycardia/AF accompanied by severe indigestion I tried self medication (bisopropol 1.25) which succeeded only in making my blood pressure far too low, I referred myself to Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath. They were very helpful, took the matter extremely seriously and gave me various tests: two ECGs several hours apart plus blood tests. They kept me in for twelves hours and fed me well. The outcome was that I must up my dose of amioderone to 100mg per day (which it was before I tried, under consultants advice, to wean mysel off it) and discuss the matter with him on my next visit in May. After taking 200mg there and then I was back in sinus mode the same evening.

    So it looks like more years on the dreaded drug. I was on Flecanaide for ten years and have been on the current medication for two. I don't like the idea of continuing but have to admit that it does work for me and so far, with regular testing by my GP, I seem to be clear of any side effects. Ah well, better than the alternative I suppose!

    Incidentally I found the various comments on this site re the Vegal nerve connection with AF and indigestion very interesting. I have noted this in the past from my own experience and also the prevelance of nocturia when having and AF attack.


  • Seriously consider NOT being on Amiodarone for any length of time.  Look up how many Cardiologists / EPs will no longer prescribe long term.  Also look up articles and NICE recommendations.  It is a dirty drug.  There are alternatives - Ablations and if you cant go down that route there are other medications.

  • Yes I agree and will discuss with Consultant soon. Out of interest has anyone any information regarding reducing dose of amioderone and backing up with pill in pocket flecanaide? Are the two drugs compatible I wonder.


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