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Freeman Hospital ablation

I didn't get much advice from the Freeman when I left, there was a bit of confusion over my meds, as I was on alot of heart tablets because non of them really worked very well. So no advice on how long to be careful with the scar in the groin, drinking caffeine and alcohol etc. Just to stop two of my meds and to stop the rivaroxoban in 12 weeks.

If anyone has had an ablation there, could you please pass on he advice? Just in case I do something wrong.


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My cardiologist just told me to keep an eye on the wound for signs of swelling etc and rest up for week then dont do much second week. I've had to stay on all my meds. As for alcohol and caffeine nothing was mentioned. I don't drink as alcohol does set my af off (I found out to my cost on overnight trip to South Shields few weeks ago) and only have decaf tea and coffee. That's all I was told apart from it could take up to 6 months to notice any real difference but I'm one of the unfortunate ones who might/will need another ablation.

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Someone else was told to avoid alcohol or 4 days as it temporarily puts up your blood pressure. He had an ablation, but was in longer than me. I hardly drink anyway so no much of a loss there.


I think stopping the Rivaroxobam after 12 weeks is too soon,

You would need to know that you ablation was successful and even then most would stay on ACs for life. I was told it would be ok to stop after 12 months of absolutely no AF, but restart them as soon as I reached 65 - which meant I had about 12 months off them.

Some people get some tachycardia, ectopics or a few bumps and thumps - all normal in the first few weeks but do listen to your body and if you do experience symptoms, rest.

Slow and steady.

On steps & stairs - up - lead with leg without wound - down lead with wound leg so the leg stays straight - in other words don't bend it. Don't try to lift anything heavy or do more than light chores or gentle walking on flat ground.

If wound weeps or bleeds - apply pressure. Some people get a haematoma near the site - mine was the size of a walnut - I was told to massage lightly and it would disappear - it did but took weeks.


Thanks for that. Have been avoiding lifting (apart from help an old man up when he fell, without stopping to think 😨)

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Thank you all for your reassuring posts, i had my ablation a week today and was also told very little, i was told to stop medication bisoprolol. Rest for the rest of the week, no driving for 48 hours , no lifting and that was it, i was told the procedure worked instantly so was upset to go into tachycardia and have flutters on the Wednesday , fast heart rate since at times but hopefully it will settle. Thanks all .


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