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2nd ablation due now stopping meds

Hello my 2nd ablation is on thurs and i now have to stop all meds ,iam so worried of having an episode . My first ablation was for paf , now they think ive got atrial tachycardia so going to burn this time , iam so worried about stopping meds as last time my pulse was 104 on resting ? But been told that is ok . I suffer with anxiety and now it is realy getting bad , due to cominf pf meds and ablation . Ive been told i can carry on taking diazepam to help me relax ? Would this effect ablation . Iam under alot of stress at moment due to marrige breakdown , i just hope all goes well as i had a bleed last time. Around the heart , and i keep thinking the worse is gona happen , iam hoing to john radcliffe in oxford , any advice would be realy grateful thankyou xxx

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I had to stop my drugs prior to my ablation but only a few days before. In my case, the drugs didn't have time to work out of my system completely so nothing happened. My AF was really bad as well, and 24/7.

Don't know about heart rate. Mine would be 104 watching the tele and I don't notice it.



Cling to the idea that the ablation can move you forwards and that, although things weren't perfect last time, you were OK and the chances are that it will be better this time. We will be wishing you well. I agree with Koll that the drugs will probably continue to have some effect for a few days.


Hi duckpopper,

What a difficult time you are having. Look at the positives, you are going to a great hospital, you will probably be asleep throughout the ablation even if you are only being sedated, the medics will be falling over themselves to make sure everything goes perfectly this time and at the end of it you will feel so much better.

I know it is difficult but try to reduce your stress - AF doesn't need this encouragement . Perhaps you could speak to the Arrythmia nurse at the JR and find out about the affects of stopping your medication, explain your concerns, if you have been told you can continue with the diazepam then that must be ok.

e-hug coming your way.


From what I have seen everyone's situation is different regarding drugs before an ablation (and some other procedures). Part of that will be down to individual situations (eg drugs, reactions, AF situation, etc) and I suspect part of it is also down to the consultant.

In my case I was only on Warfarin (which I was told take the evening before as usual) and 5mg Bisoprolol (which I was told to take at 06:00 on the morning of the CA instead of my usual 08:00).


Hit reply too soon.

All we can do re the stopping ()or not) of the drugs is follow the advise of the consultant treating us but you could always talk to the consultant or the arrhythmia nurse about your "what if" concerns and what to do if they do come to fruition.


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