Forthcoming Ablation

I have been asked to come off my meds 3 days before my cyroablation. This has already put me into a state of panic! What if's ! Any advice as very worried an attack will happen end up in hsp miss ablation etc etc! Is it not dangerous to stop meds without coming off slowly?

Specialist knows his stuff but just frightens me although I realise this is to get the best picture. Advice please.

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  • Candy please don't worry as that will only make things worse. Different doctors use different methods and if that is what he wants then accept it. Why beat yourself up about what may not happen and why would you go into hospital anyway just because you had AF? . You know what it is and that you (and your EP )are doing everything possible to put it right so relax. Even if you did go into AF it wouldn't stop the ablation --- it may even make things easier for your EP to see what was going on.

    Good luck and please stop with the panic!


  • Thank you for the reply. The reason I would go into hsp is that my rate goes over 200 so I have a rough time of it. Easier said than done with the panic I just hate the feeling of an attack and that makes me the worse but I just want to get on with it! Thanks for best wishes.

  • I agree with Bob, please try not to worry as it will not help at all.


  • When I had my second I was in Af, it did not stop them carrying out me Ablation, each time They have stopped my medication Warfarin 5 days before procedurxx

  • My warfarin has to be taken throughout its my Flecainide and Beta Blocker stopping that is the problem to me but they are the experts I guess I just have to hope for the best thanks for reply.

  • I was taken off Amiodarone 1 week before my ablation & went into AF on the day of my ablation but all went ahead . I really looked forward to my last ( 3rd ) ablation as I was so fed up with being ill & in & out of hospital ( my heart rate was topping 240 bpm at times ) .

    Look ahead at the prospect of being AF free & trust your EP , they all have different ways of approaching the procedure.

    All the best


  • Bless you it is awful why we have to suffer with this thing! So stressed already but hoping all will be good fingers crossed so sorry to hear you had three ablations I hope you are free of it all now I just pray it works- thanks for reply.

  • Humm l'm booked in "the day after tommorrow" and stopped warfarin and injections for today tommoz and Thursday just dreading the phone call of doom cancelling (happened in May),but still on Candesarten & Bisopolo furmate,just wonder if its worth a call to the admissions nurse to check I'm right!

  • Bless you wish you well just check as I have to stay on Warfarin and come off Flecainde and Metoprolol maybe just different consultants do different things good luck

  • Cheers I'm going to call them in the morning :-)

  • Hi Just wondered how ablation went? Have mine next week would like to hear how you are?

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