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Hi Have PAF for the past 3 years and recently put on the waiting list at the Freeman for a PVI Ablation. No date as yet given but I would be interested to hear from other members having had a PVI at the Freeman what I can expect as a waiting time and of those who have been under Dr Ewan Shepherd (EP Cardiologist) and your experience.

Very appreciative of everyone who contributes to the forum , it is very supportive and informative. Thank you

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  • Hi,

    Was under Dr Bourke at Freeman and usually waited anything from 3 to 6 months for a date but if you have contact with his secretaries they sometimes call with a cancellation.

    You will go for your usual pre op check then if it is your first op for this you can usually expect to stay overnight, but after usual checks next day you are free to go if no probs.

    Ward is open Mon to Sat and staff are great but it is a bit of a conveyor belt system!

    Cannot fault them though, have been four times and would not hesitate going back if it was needed.

    Keep us updated, be well!


  • Hi Wendi Good to hear from you and your inputs. Guess I'll just have to wait. I do have a direct contact with his secretary and also Dr Shepherd. Give it a few more weeks then a call.

    If I remember we did have some communication June last year regarding having a local meet with other members in the Newcastle area . Would be interested to know if anything was organized.

    Stay well Regards Neil

  • Yes I think that rings a bell! to be honest nothing was organised but would be good to get something up and running I guess, see if we get any takers then and get something in place for September maybe?


  • Hi Neil had my ablation two weeks ago today and by Dr Shepherd. It was done under the urgent banner as I was in af more or less constantly for five weeks and had really bad symptoms which were making daily living rather hard. I had been on the waiting list since March. Since ablation which was a lot more easier than I thought have had one long episode of af which settled itself. Got a follow up appointment in two weeks but cannot praise Dr Shepherd enough as he put me totally at ease. Ive a couple of other heart issues but know under his care and The Freeman im in safe hands. I was on the Coronary Care Unit and not the day unit but have been on both and staff on either are good. Best of luck when you have your op x

  • Hi Jules Good to hear from you and your kind words of support and information. Like you I have the upper most confidence in Dr Shepherd , next clinic appointment is in October but I hope things are moving before then. I'm so tired most of the time although I'm not in constant AF.

    Good luck with your recovery and hope to a better QOL.

    Kind regards Neil

  • My QOL has improved somewhat but am still tired every day but know im still recovering plus I have the other heart issues and they make me tired as well but can now walk up my stairs and not crawl which was what was happening in af. Had my meds changed to different doses which I know can sometimes can make you tired. But all I do is take each day at a time and a day af free is a gd day x

  • The freeman are amazing! I'm under Dr Das there. I've had two ablations and now waiting for my third which is scheduled for the 2nd Sep! You will be fine. It's the best hospital around! X

  • Hi Thank you for the very positive inputs. Only a few weeks to your 3rd ablation , good luck ! How long was the waiting time for your 1st ? Take care.

  • Hi again! I waited 2 months for my first one. Not long at all! Keep me informed!

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