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Ablation at Freeman Hospital, Newcastle

Has anyone had their ablation at Newcastle? Mine should be coming up in the next month or two and I was wondering about their experience. And, what do you feel like the next day when they send you home, as I will have to use the train to get back to Cambria (bus or taxi to the station)?

Also, we are looking for somewhere for my wife to stay overnight nearby, if anyone has a recommendation.


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I have had four ablations at FRH and the care was fantastic, yes they do let you go the next day as it is a bit of a conveyor belt for beds! and you will still feel rough and tired, there are a few hotels in and around Newcastle probabley best to google those near to hospital!

I live not far from Newcastle so I was lucky ,feel free to keep in touch and I will help if I can.

You'll be fine.



Haven't got a date yet, my GP rang and they estimated end of May, so beginning to think about practical things (and getting nervous). My wife had a stroke last year, which effected her left side, and does not feel up to driving that distance, hence the public transport. Might be able to arrange a lift, but looking at back up plans.

Thanks for the reassurance.



Hi I had my ablation in July last year at the Freeman and everyone was friendly and the procedure went great. Unfortunately I'm now having episodes again and have got a month long monitor to catch them then could be another ablation but I wouldn't hesitate to have it done again there.

The New Northumbria Hotel in Jesmond is one hotel I would recommend as it's not too far from hospital. Best of luck x

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I am awaiting a date for an ablation at the Freeman but am getting nervous as have read of 2 unsuccessful ablation's there recently on this site....has anyone had a successful I.e. long-lastiing ablation done there?


First time success with ablation is more down to the individual patient's AF than the competency of the EP or the hospital. For some, it simply needs more than one shot. The Freeman is world class - you have nothing to be nervous about.

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Thank you...feel more confident.


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