Alivecor Kardia device [Solved]

Hi everyone. I have only had my Kardia a for few days, and already the gloss has gone off it. Perhaps I panicked a bit after my first major AF incident, but I still think it's a good thing to have by me should I go into another session.

However, I have a question about it which I can't seem to find the answer to. When I first used it, the app (Android) offered a daily reminder to check my heart each morning. I saw no reason not to accept this. A few times I've woken in the night and felt my heart hammering a bit, so I've reached for the phone and recorded a trace in the wee small hours. It now seems to think I'm an early riser, and reminds me to check my heart at around 4am!

I no longer use it on any regular basis, I just want it for 'in case'. So how do I turn off these reminders? The app itself offers Profile and Settings, neither of which includes any reference to this. The web site is utterly useless (unless I wish to change my name!). Has anyone else found a way around this please?

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  • In the Settings in my iPhone app it has two toggle switches to switch reminders on and off, one for Analysis and one for Recording. Then you choose the frenquency below, and the time of day for the reminders.

    Mine are always off and I don't get reminders.


  • Thanks Koll. Ahh . . . I've found it. On Android it's called "EKG reminders" in settings, and I had just skimmed straight past that. I'm blaming my varifocals. :-)

  • Set your phone to 'Do not disturb' during your regular sleeping hours. My phone overrides this in the case of three calls from the same person so urgent calls can get through.

  • Hmm. My Samsung S4mini on Android 4.4.1 doesn't seem to have that setting. However, I always turn it to silent when I go to bed. Urgent calls should come on the landline anyway, as the mobile signal is rubbish at my house.

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