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well I've had my ablation, and so far everything is going really well. Virtually no pain except for a botched attempt to get blood out of my arm. I don't think there was much left as my entry wound bled quite badly at some point but I was still affected by the sedation medication and don't remember much. It was actually really interesting in the theatre until they started sedating me and I really remember nothing for the next 12 hours . I had cryo ablation but apparently they couldn't get everything so they went in and finished off with radiofrequency ablation. I answered some questions last week about ectopic beats and how they were nothing to worry about but upon arrival at the hospital I had some of the worst ectopics I've ever had for 20 min with runs of missing every second beat jumping to 3 or four and then back to every second. Of course by the time I was on ECG everything was back to normal but my BP was 160/110 which is way beyond anything I have had before. The conscious sedation certainly has an effect on me and I sent some quite garbled text messages to several friends only some of whom I remember sending them to. It must affect some people more than others. By far the worst part of the whole procedure was having to lay on my back for over 12 hours, unfortunately I remember some of the last couple of hours.

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Well done you! You sound remarkably upbeat. So pleased to hear your good outcome. Its really helpful to hear your story as I am someone awaiting their first ablation.



Same from me and I am coping conscious sedation has that effect on me too! Glad all went well.x


Well done!

I was so blotto that I didn't surface until the lying flat time was up. Makes me wonder how much babbling went on. I am sure they are concentrating deeply on their jobs! It was fascinating in the lab, I agree.

I think I once said that the most painful bit of an ablation can be the INR test if the cannula gets inserted efficiently!


Well done and welcome to the post ablation club. Those sedation drugs can really mess with your mind. I remember once telling my wife she had taken all my money. LOL



Congratulations. So glad it is behind you... best of luck for the outcome!


I hope your recovery is going well. Best of luck for an AF free future!


well done and look after yourself now,

best wishes



Well done take care!


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