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Ablation day

Have arrived at John Radcliffe for my ablation.Ive been armed with a pager and will buzz when its my turn.

Did not make a great start as I flaked out after canula was put in.Am I mad for not opting for sedation? The reason for this is they aee going a EP Study and if they cant find any problems with the svt ablation they will go through and would like to be able to stop it if im not ready for that.But obviously impossible with sedation.

My nerves kicked in.

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Just go with the flow. You will be fine. The very worse bit for me was the first 2 minutes after I woke up from the GA. I felt ghastly and then suddenly felt OK.

Hopefully the ablation will give you your quality of life back. You are giving it your best shot so you won't risk living to regret this opportunity.

Be prepared for weeks of tiredness so be gentle with yourself.

Very best wishes.

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Thanks jenny, It was just having the consent form in frontnof me thinking...these are real risks.

After passing out I feel I should take sedation from the start.To avoid any further episodes.Weird thing is that ive never passed out before now.whata day to do it


Much better to be away with the fairies I think! Go for it and relax!


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Best wishes Rich. I'm sure all will go well. Will wait to hear how it all went.



Hoping all is going well for you - am sure you have lots of us thinking of you today. Look forward to hearing how you got on and hope things are going better now and that you'll be much improved.


All the best Rich. I was awake for both my ablations! Do take it easy for a while after though as doing too much too soon is likely to take its toll.



Hey Rich I was in the cath lab this time last week for my 2nd ablation,had sedation not GA,think if I have a 3rd I would ask if I am suitable for GA! Hopefully though I'm fixed all the best to you! I'm feeling tonnes better only a week on:-)


Hi all. WOW.what an expeeience.Im on the cardiology ward now recovering.My heart rate is still a little high 110bpm.But hoping this will settle this evening.

After passing out after the canula was put in.i though....what have I got myself into...

But I was taken through to the cath lab, and prob took an hour to get me prepared. There were lots of people around to talk too which helped, although I was shaking like a leaf cos it was freezing....

the loverly nurse gave me a blankett and my friend with sedation made me feel at ease.

They gave me local anaesthetic in groin which was ok and before I knew it Dr rajappan wasn in the room inserting the catheters into place.

it went by really quickly, and as soon as the catheters reached my heart in triggered af.They then had problemss as they found svt In many they started and stopped the rhythm around 20-25 times in order to locate the exact points.

before I knew it, he said.all done.i didnt even know he had ablated.

I feel okay now, although a bit tired and hope the heart rate comes down.Because my ablation was done in the atria I had no AF Ablation as such.As he said 3 hours is long enough wigh nany arrhythmias.

thankyou all for the support.i wil be in touch about my recovery.


Thanks for keeping us in touch. Hope you have a good night! All the best.


Good to hear you're through the other side of your ablation already.

Sounds like your EP was very thorough locating all the troublesome places.

Hope you have a good peaceful night with many more to come!


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Thanks for that. I've just heard that my appointment for ablation is in the post so am in panic mode. It's good to hear that you are ok. Rest now. X


You're getting there at last Dedeottie!


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