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I am booked in to have an ablation in Liverpool next month under local anaesthetic. My biggest worry is the amount of sedation that they give you. Six weeks ago I had a cataract removed under local anaesthetic. The procedure took about 20 minutes, during which time I was fully aware of things going on around me ( including the consultant saying quietly to the person doing the procedure "Don't press down on the eye. Don't press down on the eye. You're pressing down on the eye.)!!

It was bad enough lying there for 20 minutes! I couldn't wait to get out of the theatre. I don't know if I can do it for 2-4 hours. What if I want to move, or worse still go to the toilet.

Has anyone had their ablation done at Liverpool, and if so how sedated were you?


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  • Hi. You can have the procedure under General Anaesthetic if you wish. Might have to wait longer. I requested my three ablations to be with GA for these very reasons. Contact the EP secretary and ask him/her about this. Do it now so as not to be too near the op scheduling so there is time to change. They should have given you the option at the beginning.


  • Thanks Phil, but I am scheduled to have it on 2nd December, so think it is to late to ask for a general. I am involved in a trial which starts on that day.

  • You got nothing to lose by contacting them. It's your operation. See what they say. You might be surprised...


  • I've had two cataracts done in the last year as well as an ablation. When I had the cataracts done, there was no sedation. Obviously an anesthetic was used to deaden any pain around the eye but like you I was completely awake throughout.

    The ablation is a different matter. You certainly will be sedated and you'll find you will very pleasantly drift in and out of consciousness without even knowing it. It's also much more interesting than the ophthalmic procedure as you are not in total darkness; you can look at the various screens and even ask questions - when you're awake that is! I promise you Nana, it's a walk in the park - nothing to worry about at all.

  • Thanks very much for that. You have put my mind at rest.

  • I had one regret about being sedated and that was I spent too much time in unconsciousness wheras I would have liked to have been awake more to have seen more on the monitors!!!

  • Thanks Peter, I am feeling better about the experience now.

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