Cyber attack

Well I was due to finally see the EP at Barts tomorrow for my first appointment and just had a voicemail saying they've had to cancel it due to the computer system hacking. Said they'll be in touch with a new appointment once he systems are back up. Whenever that is.

After several visits to hospital, blacking out and an already EIGHT WEEK wait, this is really not what I wanted to hear 😭 Not a lot I can do now, but just thought I'd moan to you lot.

Ugh and the cherry on the cake is that I have ME and after having another appointment last week and being left so wiped out by it, I now have a hired wheelchair sat in my kitchen that will get no use.


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  • What a nightmare for you ! I hope you don't have to wait to long xxxx

  • Thanks Jan, me too! Hope nobody else here has been affected by it xxx

  • Horrible people out there. So sorry for you and others. I think our area is the moment... I hope they get it fixed for you and others quickly. ..beggars belief that NHS did not have a proper backup system though. Good luck with everything and how nice it is to be able to have a moan on this site. x

  • As you say some nasty folk out there and the problem is that they are more clever than the honest ones and will always get the odd lucky break from time to time and net a big one. I spent quiet a few years in banking fraud prevention and they were often ahead of our anti fraud measures!

  • My neighbour in 1967 worked for ICL in Putney and part of the work of his department was to prevent computer fraud. However he told me that computer fraud did not exist. He was in that field with different companies world wide until he retired.

    It seems that private hospitals have not been affected by this. Were they ignored or just better protected.

    I went for retinal screening at a clinic on Monday and was sitting in the corridor with several others waiting for the drops in our eyes to take effect. The person doing the tests came out to apologise for keeping us waiting and said that she was having a problem with her computer for the second time today and was going to do another back up. Everyone immediately though that it was the worldwide problem but it was just a normal network problem.

  • Sorry to hear your wows.

    My 92 year old father-in-Law had a stroke over the weekend. The ambulance had to divert to another hospital because the one where the Stroke Unit is located, had their scanner (or supporting systems) down due to the hack. They did the scan, confirmed it wasn't a brain bleed, then transferred him by ambulance back to the Stroke Unit at the other hospital, luckilly "only" 20 miles away. A load of extra work and expense, not to mention the added risk to my father-in-law, and the risk to whoever missed out on the ambulance which was in effect taken out of action for a few hours.

    Without any doubt, some peole will loose their lives. Who knows what that extra 2 hours has done to my FIL? We're waiting to see.

    I hope they get the cuprits and charge them with murder.


  • Argh keep your chin up.

    Hope they get this sorted soon so you can get sorted

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