Strange Attack

Well it's been almost 5 days since the Ablation and I had my first attack last night. First I think I found one of my triggers. My last few attacks i noticed one thing that might have been in common. CHOCOLATE! I had eaten a "goodly amount" of chocolate on the night before an attack but I hadn't ever noticed it before so I just dismissed it. Yesterday afternoon my wife made us some homemade chocolate brownies. When she gave me a pretty big serving I thought about it but ate it anyway. BTW They were awesome!

I woke up at 2AM and I felt weird, I wondered if I was in AFib, but it felt different. I got up and came into the living room and put on my blood cuff to check and yes,It was AF. BUT my heart rate was only around 105 BPM and my BP was not bottomed out. Every AF attack I have ever had felt like my heart was trying to jump out of my chest and my heart was racing at 145 to 175 BPM. This one was different. I wasn't sure if it was AF. I could feel that my heart was beating faster but it wasn't pounding, I did feel a little short of breath but I wasn't breathing heavily. If I didn't have the BP monitor I wouldn't have been sure I was in AF and that is very different.

I'm not sure how long it lasted because I woke up in AF but after waking up it was over in about 45 minutes and the highest HR i got was 109. AND I don't feel bad. Normally, after it is over, I feel like i've been ran over by a bus but I can honestly say that I don't really feel any effects from it at all.

I'm not letting this change my attitude. The Dr told me that I probably would have my normal attacks until my heart developes enough scar material to stop the signals. And I actually think I feel better now knowing that it has made a major difference in the attacks even though the scar material is not there yet. Since the ablation I have had the question in the back of my mind as to whether it was going to make any difference at all. Now I know!

So I am still feeling very positive about the Ablation and looking forward to the future to see what happens.


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  • I hope all stays well.

  • Well, that doesn't sound too awful. And you did get to enjoy the brownies ;-) Hope you are still feeling better than usual today!

  • Thank You... Yes I am feeling fine now. And yes the brownies were great. Very short and very mild attack.

  • Someone had written me back on another AF forum and asked a question. I had not thought to check the data from my BP monitor so I did and found that my Heart Beat was regular. So I was in aflutter instead of afib. They had said that their EP had told them it was more common for someone to go into aflutter after an ablation than afib. That is why my BP didn't bottom out like normal and I felt OK after it was over. I guess that's why I said it felt different. I thought it might be afib but it didn't feel the same.

    I love these forums. You can talk with others going through the same thing. You learn and pass on what you have learned.


  • Yes I love these forums too Tim, it is the only time I get to speak with people who feel the same as me. Interesting reading, although not happy about the chocolate! When all this started up with me, I used to describe the feeling as a growl in my chest with butterflies, not too scary and did not feel ill after, however it eventually developed into full blown AF. I think this attack for you is a really good sign after surgery, the signals have started to get blocked already and the attack was aflutter. Long may your scaring continue and end all these attacks forever! Wendy.

  • Glad to know that you are not feeling too bad after your ablation,hope you continue to improve.Ann

  • Good luck! I've just finished an AF. My one was triggered by being excited by my grandsons wedding party and not taking betabloker regularly , maybe? Seems to be a rush of adrenalin . I'm 81 and have had a cardioversion 3 years ago which has worked for me until recently. Hope your ablation works for you. AF seems to act like migraine out of the blue.

  • I had another attack on Sunday that lasted about 2.5 hours. It was the same as the first one. Heart rate only got to about 120BPM and BP was good. I sort of felt it start but not when it stopped. My BP Monitor showed that it was over. Again I was not wore out and hurting after it was over.

    I called my EP this morning and told him what had happened and he said not to worry about it. He said it was normal to have attacks, especially for the first 6 to 8 weeks. He also stated that the decrease in my heart rate (during the attacks) was a very good sign. Some of the electrical pathways were already shut down even though my heart had not scarred yet.

    So everything is going great. These 2 attacks were the first ones, since starting this 13 years ago, that I felt I could continue going and doing during the attacks.

    Overall, Very Happy with my decision to have the ablation.

    Thank youall for the concern,


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