Rivaroxaban or Nattokinase?

My GP is finally taking my Afib seriously, after I showed her the Preventicus phone app printouts of my latest 12 hour AF episode. She's prescribed Rivaroxaban and I'll have an ECG and blood tests next week, in preparation for referral the local AF clinic. But I've just read the Rivaroxaban blurb and don't like the look of it. I'm reluctant to start on it, having a preference for alternative treatments that might have fewer side effects. So, now I've come across Nattokinase, a fermented soy product, which looks like a promising blood thinner. Has anyone tried it? And has anyone had difficulties with Rivaroxaban? Thanks for any info or experiences.

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  • Hi KathFrances

    I am on Rivaroxaban, and I've been fine but you must take it, certainly at first, WITH food, not before or after but during. Once you've been on it for a while it seems less of a problem.

    It is of course your choice, but given the high risk of stroke with AF, to use an anti-coagulant (not a blood thinner there is no such thing it's a misnomer) which does not have a regulated and known effect might be considered risky.

    Nattokinase certainly has anticoagulant effects, but how do you measure? How do you know the dosage etc etc. Worse case scenario is that over anti-coagulating could cause a bleed.

    Talk it over with your doctor, and of course others will disagree with me, but I could not use anything but a prescribed anti-coagulant.

    Be well


  • Please don't play Russian roulette with your health. There is no way of measuring the effect or not of so called natural remedies. Please read the excellent new booklet on Anticoagulation for AF patients available from the AF Association website. Anticoagulation not blood thinning please is important if you are at risk. There is a post earlier today about somebody who was not properly anticoagulated who is now wheel chair bound and child like.

  • I am on Rivaroxaban since being diagnosed with AF 4 months ago and have had no problems at all but always take them in the middle of my evening meal as advised

  • Ok - I've just taken my first Rivaroxaban! Thanks for all your comments - really helpful. I think I just went into a big fear thing about all the possible side effects and the warnings about not stopping and having to keep taking it forever. But I get the point about not messing about with AF.

  • I was diagnosed with AF in Dec. 2013 and prescribed Rivaroxoban and like you didn't like the sound of it. Also episodes of Af were infrequent and I had no other comorbidities.I researched natural blood thinners and for three years took Nattokinase (Nattovena is the best brand) cinnamon in warm milk, vitamin e and fish oil. However when the episodes of AF began to increase and being 3 years older ..69...I decided to start taking Apixaban. I don't like taking it and my hair is thinning slightly but I do feel a bit safer. Its up to you but just to let you know that I took Nattokinase for 3 years. Others on this site will be very sceptical.

  • Hello Kath. I have been taking Rivaroxa ban for 4 months now and like you at the beginning I was petrified having read the enclosed leaflet. I am very lucky as I have not had any side effects from taking it and therefore the benefits far outweigh the risks. This AF journey is scary but there is a lot of positive and sensible advice on this site. I hope all goes well for you. X

  • Hi Kath. I have been taking rivaroxaban for a year since diagnosed with AF a year ago. Like you I found a lot of scary stuff when I researched online but eventually started taking it at insistence of my Gp. Have been fine and take in middle of my evening meal as advised. No side effects I think now with benefit of hindsight plus my recent discoveries on this forum that rivaroxaban should have been the least of my worries and I should have been focussing my attention and asking lots of questions about other medications and aspects of my medical care ( or lack of). Honestly you need to be protected against the risk of stroke and if you do have side effects with rivaroxaban there are alternatives so should be able to find one that suits you.

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