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6 days post ablation

Apart from a short run of ectopic and 12 hours of high heart rate, both of which I was expecting, all has been going well and starting to feel less tired.

However although my groin was initially fine, I have developed a small pea shaped lump under the entry points and the area has begun to ache. Is this normal?

I have not had any A.F. yet so that is a good sign ...I hope( I'm touching wood). X

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I had exactly the same and did go to the doctor. It is a hematoma, a collection of blood at the entry point. Advice was to rest as I found walking or being active made it ache more. As long as it stays a soft lump no need to worry. Get it seen to for peace of mind. Mine took about 3 weeks to disappear completely. So pleased you are feeling less tired, but now is the danger of over doing things. Take care :)


Same here. Was hospitalised to check for bleeding as I had huge bruising and could not move my leg but all settling down now three weeks later.


Gréât news ! that things continue to improve .... as for thé lump- i got thé same thing once and it disappeared with Time. If worried have it checked but this CaN be typical.

No redness?

this might help


take care


Great link Iris, the only thing I would say is that I was given a letter to say that I must not drive for at least 7 days ad that DVLA say that it is illegal to drive after heart catherter for that period of time, like it is after GA. The link says 2 days.

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All seems to be coming on very well! Keep resting.


Thanks everyone. I feel more normal now or at least as normal as everyone else! Iris that link was really informative. Whenever I have been for very minor things in the N.H.S. I have always been given a leaflet explaining what to expect so I was surprised not to have been given one for this. On the plus side, my arrhythmia nurse is fantastic. X


Pleased you are feeling better overall. I would get your groin site looked at for peace of mind. My ablation is next week (gulp) and I am wondering about the very thing you are experiencing.

I had massive bruising and a suspected heamatoma after my angiogram. The hospital gave me a scan within an hour of having it and said it was ok. Within days my whole abdomen was black and blue showed the GP who said she had never seen such bruising from that procedure. It settled down though over the next week with no issues in between.

Hope the high heart rate settles down for you very soon.


Wow! I have spoken to the arrhythmia nurse who says not to worry unless the lump gets significantly bigger or red and hot. She said the pain in my leg will be down to internal bleeding and advised me to mobilise myself a little more. That is welcome news as I didn't want to take to my bed! I must admit that events this week have been more challenging than the procedure itself but only because I didn't know what to expect. The biggest problem has been my I.N.R. It is usually between 2 and 3 consistently and on the day it was perfect at 2.5 next day 3.8 so given a reduced dose then it went to 1 .7 where stubbornly stayed regardless of increasing the dose again. My arrhythmia nurse has been in touch everyday as it is best to keep it over 2.3 for 3 weeks after ablation. It's 2 .1 this morning so hopefully on the up. At least if you aware of these things you don't worry so much if they happen. Anyway , good luck for next week and keep us posted. X


The small pea like lump sounds VERY much like the slow dissolving implantable collagen plugs, place in the incision area. I had one. This should dissolve over a few months. And, You SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD ABOUT IT! If it actually is.


Oh, that's interesting! It is that kind of a size. X


Hello, did you end up with any large bruises from your groins? I did on my first ablation, and I had second ablation on Saturday and as of yet no bruising.


Hi my bruising still hasn't gone, it's just moving down the leg! It was really painful for 2 weeks but didn't start hurting till about the third day. Still it's a small price to pay for a quiet heart. I am still on reduced medications won't now properly for more than 3 months but it's looking good so far. I hope you are feeling good. You will still be in the exhausted stage I guess. I was glad that folk on here had warned me about that otherwise it would have been a bit of a shock as I felt so well in every other way. Good luck with recovery and keep in touch.x


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