I have suffered from gout for a few years ( about 1 attack a year) that I usually treat with Indometacin, a prescription NSAID. I was diagnosed with persistent AF in May and currently take Bisoprolol and Apaxaban as I'm due to have a cardioversion next month.

I woke up last night with pain in my right foot and have been hobbling about all day in agony. I believe this was triggered by dehydration, as by my own admission I did not drink enough water yesterday. I also believe dehydration is a AF trigger for me. As I can no longer take NSAIDs is there any other strong pain killer any one else takes? I have had paracetamol today but it doesn't help much.



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  • Sympathies, Stuart. My GP prescribed co-codamol for moderate toothache to take until I could get treatment.

  • Hi Stuart. We would always suggest that you visit your GP or pharmacist to discuss taking any new medication to ensure that it will not interact with that which you are already taking.

  • Thanks. I went to a pharmacist and the best they could offer was co-codamol, but no more than 3 days

  • Hi Stuart . I had terrible gout those years ago. I always treated it with ibruprophen. I was told not to by everyone except my consultant cardiologist who told me to. Probably becos it was the only thing that worked for gout, quickly, for me anyway.

    I'm not saying you should do that but gout is terrible pain and if that what it takes .....

    I always told anti coag unit and anyone else who asked, and had countless arguments with health workers....but you know, they haven't got it.

    Of course I'm not the doc....

  • The brother of a friend in America recently had ten days in intensive care with a massive stomach bleed after taking Ibuprofen along with a NOAC.

    When my wife was once prescribed it for gout by an out of hours doctor who said a few days won’t harm you when she spoke of her previous history of ulcers she ended up having an endoscopy that found over 60 gastric ulcers.

  • Hello Stucoo,Like you,I was an occasional gout sufferer,I began treatment for permanent AF about 5 years ago.When my bisoprolol dose was increased,my gout became rampant.I control it now with alipurinol,yet another drug to take daily!

  • I'm hoping this is a one off! When I could take the NSAID, it was over fairly quickly and I could move around.

  • I have severe intercostal cramps due to past chest surgery. I have CoDydramol for this. It is stronger than co coda mol, and my GP says it's ok with my AF. Hasn't caused me any probs, but you'd need to check with a pharmacist. It is prescription only.

  • Could someone clarify please if you are not supposed to take NSAIDs with AF/ bisoprolol

  • I believe it is is more to with anticoagulants as there is an interaction between the medications.

  • It is a study done in Denmark that showed they triggered/exacerbated AF. This was brought to the forum's attention by BobD.

    I'm in persistent AF. In my case I believe the two key causes are ibuprofen and adrenaline. For over 25 years I regularly took ibuprofen for pain relief following a car crash to ease neck and back pain. Not every day but certainly a couple of days a week.

  • What do you take now for pain relief Peter?

  • 123Elizabeth,I think it depends why you need to take NSAIDs, I have Rheumatoid Disease and takes these with Bisopral,with the full knowledge of my Cardiologist and Rheumatologist.

  • I also take Apixaban.

  • Oh and along with the bother of the AF. I also get the dreaded gout since 1985, and like you I don't get it very often. I also used indomethacin (very effective) but have been taken off them and put on naproxen, which I find just as effective. Good luck.

  • I have suffered with gout for a long time and after blood tests my GP prescribed Allopurinol, I take one tablet daily and have had no attacks since starting to take it. I have been on it over 15 years now and incidentally I also have AF.

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