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Intermittenant A.fib

Hi Folks,

I have had two ablations and the second one worked for 2years, I started going into a.fib every 7-10 days and then normal rythm for a a week or so for a few months, now I am going into A.fib part of the day and normal rythm they other part, there is no logic to it A.fib morning or afternoon, has this happened to anyone else.

Seeing cardiologist tomorrow.


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Good luck. Not much more to say. Mine took three goes to sort.


I'm in and out all day every day feel awful every day give or take some. Was good after first Ablation for over a year. Hoping to get second one ASAP. Not sure about all these triggers everyone talks about. Seems like there eis not rhyme or reason really to any of it. I think once that circuitry breaks down and it finds its way into afib it will seek that pathway constantly. Not a medical opinion of course just my own theory.


I am with you on this Skitts. Every time I thought I found a trigger something else appeared. My EP told me that looking for triggers was the way to madness. Caffeine and alcohol excepted of course. You have AF therefore you will have AF. As you say once the pathways are established they will open from time to time regardless of what we do UNLESS closed by ablation.


Good luck skitts. I tried to find trigger and thought alcohol, so gave up but then AF returned. had a couple of glasses wine and it went next day!


Waiting for my first ablation ... but in and out of af most days , the severity of the attacks vary Sunday's attack was the worst I've had for weeks and took me out completely, I stopped drinking alcohol completely before Christmas and cope better when I have a attack but have recently tried a few pints and come to the conclusion it is not a trigger but doesn't help my coping mechanism, dehydration and lack of sleep being a factor

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I have had two ablations and still have an attack every other day. The one important change for me post ablation is that the episodes are much shorter and often respond to my regime of "self-interventions. I log all my episodes and keep a monthly "In-Afib" percentage chart. ( number of hours of A-fib vs total hours in month) I usually run between 3-4%, although April ( the busiest time of year for my business) I am running at 9%. I have been contemplating a 3rd procedure, but because I suffered a stroke just after my second one, I am thinking it over carefully. If I did a third, I think I would be shooting for the hybrid procedure where the ablate both internally and externally.


Thanks everyone for your comments.

My cardiologist is doing my 3rd ablation next Wednesday 3rd time lucky I hope.


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