A.Fib and operations

Hi Everyone. I had septic arthritis over two years ago and in hospital for two weeks on a drip of antibiotics every 4 hours and had hip wash.

Now unable to have hip replacement until heart is stable. I have had A.fib for 14 years, 3 ablations, rhythm drugs and rate drugs. Pacemaker fitted (not had AV node ablation) nothing controls this rogue. So I am in limbo and in pain and fed up. Any one else had problems with operations and were they resolved?

Thanks. Not sunigirl today grumpigirl.


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  • Hi Suni. Sorry you're 'grumpi' today. Hope that changes. I have a slightly similar situation :- need a hip replacement and worried about an op with afib in the background. I haven't talked to my gp about it yet, but will soon. My af is reasonably stable, paroxysmal every few weeks. Managed with bisoprolol 2.5 and flecainide 50 x1 a day. At the moment I'm using an exercise bike (recumbent) to strengthen my legs after months of pain wiped them out. Also hopefully improve my heart function. But an op with af? It worries me. I sympathise with your dilemma. I too am hoping someone here will have had some experience with this and offer some encouragement. In the meantime, good luck and keep posting.


  • Thanks JanR. Yes its a worry and I'm sorry you have the same problem. I think you are being positive by exercising and I wish you well. Let's hope we have some help and advice from other members. :)


  • Not sure if this helps in any way but I had both hips replaced in 2011. My history of AF goes back to 1995 but I had an ablation in 1999 which left me AF free for 15 years.

    The history of AF and the ablation were of course discussed before the hip replacements and didn't seem to be any issue at all. OK, I was not having any AF episodes and wasn't on any medication at all.

    I have to presume if there was an emergency situation they would proceed with an operation if required whether you had AF or not!

    If you want to know more about the hip replacement side of things I found the following forum to be very helpful. There may be others there in exactly your position.


    All the best


  • Thank you Dave, I will follow up on that. Very helpful. Jan

  • Thank you for your help Dave supplying the website and yes my operation for septic arthritis was an emergency so they went ahead regardless. Its wonderful that you have been AF free for 15 years .


  • Sunigirl

    Just to clarify - I was AF free for 15 years but had a return "visit" of the dreaded AF in 2014. A second ablation last year and apart from a couple of immediate post procedure episodes have been AF free for the last 12 months.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Dave.

    Thanks and so pleased you are again AF free.:)

  • Arthritis is linked to uric acid. The biggest offenders for that are too much protein (which then is converted to glucose with uric acid as a toxic side-product), too much alcohol, and too much fructose.

    Replace these with natural-fat (which is what our body uses when we're losing weight) and it may even improve AF by improving cell integrity, conduction (insulation), and hormonal effects.

  • Concerned

    Thank you. I will be looking for foods to avoid and will make a menu of foods which don't make uric acid. About time I turned things around for the better. Grateful for this info.

  • My brother had a hip replacement op using an epidural procedure rather than a general anaesthetic. Perhaps this route would make you feel more confident if it is possible in your case?

  • Mikeymike7

    Thanks for your reply and yes I would opt for epidural. They are concerned about stopping warfarin because of blood clot especially as its hip replacement. As I have severe pack pain the consultant is sending appointment for CT scan of sacroiliac joint as he thinks a lot of the pain is coming from there and I would be able to have steroid injection. :)


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