I wonder if anyone remembers me?

I had an Ablation in January 2014 which resulted in a Tamponade, making me lose 1.25 litres of blood.

After a lot of thought I decided to have a second Ablation in May 2014 and I am pleased to say that I have been A.Fib free since.

It goes to show there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It is like being a different person, you forget what being normal is.


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  • Such good news and well timed as I go for my ablation next Wednesday. I will hang on to your success. Enjoy the calm heart you certainly deserve it.x

  • Good luck dedeottie, for Wednesday. Will be thinking of you. Look forward to a good outcome Jan x

  • Thanks Jan.x

  • So glad you went through with it Chris. You are now a member of the "I did it club" and long may you remain in NSR. I'm nearly seven years now and worth every minute.


  • Well done. You are so brave to do it again, specially after big complications.

    All the best.


  • Great news!

  • Well done, this is great news

  • excellent news stay well!

  • Good for you - after such an outcome first time.

    Best wishes for the future!

  • What a wonderful relief, happy days!

  • Fabulous... I had a pericardial effusion and still went back in too.... no regrets.

    Long live your NSR!

  • That's brill news. Weirdest thing I found was that I couldn't feel my heart at all afterwards for a few years. Just a wonderful silence.


  • How brave Im not sure I could but there again nothing ventured nothing

    gained. So glad everthing turned out well, long may it last.

  • So very pleased for you. You were very brave to go through it again after your first experience. Well done and all the very best for an af free future. Thank you for feeding back to us. Be well.

  • I had my 2nd ablation on 3rd Feb at Q E Bham, back at home now and so far all seems o.k. although very sore. They found nodes on both left and right hand sides of the ventricles which apparently is quite unusual. Best wishes to all.

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