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Does anyone take antidepressants whilst also on Warfarin and Flecainide?

If so could you let me know which ones. My GP prescribed one on which one side effect was bleeding plus of course every thing else known to man!!!!!!

After having a horrid nose bleed and staying in hospital for 2 days I am a bit wary of anything that lists bleeding as a possible side effect.

I would appreciate any comments. Jo.

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I was on an antidepressant previous to starting both of those and my GP picked up immediately the interactions and I was changed to Fluoxetine. I think contacting the pharmacist linked to your Warfarin clinic they are always happy to give advice.

Good luck



Thank you very much. Jo.


I was taking Citralopram before my FA . Doctor said it could cause a bleed while on Warfarin. Changed me to Sertraline but that caused diarrhoea . Now I am Flouoxatine.


I take one or two Amytriptaline at night as a pain-killer for Rheumatoid Arthritis ,but I know it can be used as an Antidepressant.

I also have AF no problems with side effects!


Thank you very much


I'm on warfarin, Carvidilol, Ramipril and lanzoprozol but not Flecanide. I take Sertraline which I've had no problems with. Made a big difference to my life.


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