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Has anyone seen Dr Gill at Guys & St Thomas Hospital

I have just received my outpatients appointment with Dr Gill next month, I wonder has anyone seen him or had treatment from him. Thanks Wendy.

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I saw Dr Gill two years ago to discuss ablation. He is a lovely man, very approachable and experienced. At that time I was newly diagnosed and still in a state of shock and fear, mainly due to ignorance of AF. He was very reassuring and really improved my self-confidence telling me that I was young (64!) and that I should continue with my active lifestyle.

Although, on balance, he thought I should not have the ablation ' as you are well', he left the decision entirely to me and did promise that if ever I changed my mind he would do the ablation. As things have been slowly changing over two years my GP is currently referring me back to Dr Gill.

I am sure you will be fine in his hands and he will do the best he can for you.

Best of luck, tell us how you get on.



Hi Angela, I saw Dr Gill yesterday and he said the same to me as he did to you. I have not had an attack for 74 days now and he said the medication could keep it at bay for a few years, one of his patients has gone 10 years. I decided to postpone ablation until the attacks come back again. Like you, he said he would do the procedure when I wanted - fantastic I have a plan B if and when this kicks off again! Disappointing part is that I can never come off warfarin, even if the ablation is a success, but I suppose I will have to get used to it.

Still finding my way around this new site!

Kind regards



Hi Wendy,

What a coincidence, I saw Dr. Gill yesterday as well. My appointment was at 9.30.

I put forward my concerns, namely, that having been symptom free I am becoming more aware of what my heart is up to. He agreed that the time is right and has put me on the ablation waiting list - currently 10 weeks.

Great result for you as well. I am pleased that your meeting with him was so successful . When you get a copy of the report he sends to your cardio (or GP), make sure you keep it if he has added the promise to see you again when you are ready for an ablation. It will just makes things easier if you have it as confirmation to show your GP when you need to be referred again.

I know what you mean about the warfarin but the way I see it is that for a little bit of effort we are getting real help to stay stroke free.

Best Wishes



Thanks for the information Angela. It's always nice to hear from people who have actually seen the consultant you are being referred to. I am still balancing up the pros and cons of ablation, but like you, I want to get all the information, even if it is for the future. I've been 40 days without an attack on increased medication, but realise it could all change as I get older, I am 60. I will let you know how it goes, the appointment is 18th July. Hope all goes well with you too. Wendy.


My ex boss had his ablation carried out by Dr Gill, has had no problems now for several years.


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