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Reminder AF Support Group Harefield tomorrow

The next meeting of the Harefield AF Support Group will be held on Wednesday 5th April 2017 in the concert Hall at Harefield Hospital. Start time is 5pm.

For those who have not been before, the concert hall is right opposite the main entrance to the Hospital (inside, near the car parks) above the cafeteria opposite the entrance, doors are on the right hand side.

The Topics of this meeting will be:-

Anticoagulation in AF: making the right choices

Dr D. Jones, Consultant Cardiologist, Harefield Hospital


Outpatient AF patient pathway: Enhancing Patient experience

Group Discussion led by Dr W. Hussain, Consultant Cardiologist, Harefield Hospital and Mr Ian Clark, Patient Lead for Harefield AF Support Group

There will be no less than 3 EPs present at the event, all of whom are more than happy to chat and give advice and support to anyone there.

Please do leave a reply if you require any further information, and yes this is an official AF Association support Group, these remarkable doctors give their time and their advice freely to support us all.

You do NOT have to be a patient at Harefield to attend.

See you all there

Be well


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Please do you have any idea of the time we will finish. I don't like the Breakespeare Rosd without lights in the dark! I just wouldn't like to appear rude and slip out when dusk starts.


2 hours max, so you will be fine I am sure



Ian do try and see if you can change the day as we could come if it didn't clash with our meeting!! We are not having a meeting in August so do let us know if you are??


Thank you for the reminder, looking forward to it.


Oh how lucky you are to have A f meetings. my nearest one is Liverpool which is too much of a journey for us at our ages. Enjoy.


Hi Beancounter, I have a note in my diary that there is a meeting at Harefield tomorrow evening (Wed 28 March 2018). My car is suddenly out of action, so I'd be grateful if you cd. confirm that the meeting is on, as otherwise it's a long journey to travel on the underground & buses if there is no meeting. I realise that it's short notice, but have only just come across your posts on Health Unlocked ... & am hopeful you might just happen to read this tonight or tomorrow morning ! Helene Mobile: 07966247954


Hi Zena

There is no meeting tomorrow to my knowledge



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