When to consider ablation

Hi All,

This is the title of our next patient support group speaker's talk on Wednesday 1st July at Epsom Hospital Post Graduate Medical centre- thought I would give early warning as probably of interest to many people.

meeting starts at 4.45pm and all are welcome. Dr Saba, EP, is the speaker more details on our website surreyasg.co.uk

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  • Hoping to attend.

  • Better attend as he's my EP!

  • Indeed!! I hear he's an excellent speaker !!

  • Rosy, will you be able to let us know how things went and what was said, please? This sounds to be of great interest. North Wales is too distant for me to attend.

    Very best wishes.

  • Yes of course. We try to record everything and put it online. If you want to private message a particular question I'll ask on your behalf

    Best wishes

  • That would be very helpful, Rosy as I live in N Ireland but would be most interested in the talk, too.

  • Would love to attend, especially as I have had 4 but will still be away. if there is an opportunity could you please ask him what is 'extreme electrical disease' found during an ablation? Thank you.

  • yes of course- John please remind me if I forget!!

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