Back in AF

Another episode of AF started after lunch, which could well have been a contributor.

HR = 135-180 BP dropping, now 82/50 and in Spain. Strangely I don't feel ill and can walk around the house but only been going for an hour so will see how I go. I am drinking lots of water as the atmosphere here is very dry - stiff southerly breeze and Sahara dust on the cars so could well be de-hydrated. And it was going so well.......c'est la vie.

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  • How miserable for you, especially when you are away from home. The unpredictability of AF is what makes it such a bastard of a condition.

    I do hope that it stops soon and that you can enjoy what remains of your holiday.

    Very best wishes.

  • Hope it settles soon and drink as much as you can. I remember in Italy at 30C I was drinking 3 litres a day! And that was before I started on water. Only kidding. Enjoy the sunshine.

  • Take care

    Hope you feel better soon keep up the fluids.

  • Hope this has stopped for you by now CD. You know all the ' tricks ' to employ to try to get you back in nsr especially the fluids.

    Best wishes


  • hope it stops soon and your holiday goes well

  • Bad luck CD. On the plus side, you say you don't feel too bad. Hope that's still the case and the af remains an irritation rather than a concern. Good luck.

  • Watta bummer.......i'm told 2017 is a good year for Evian!! Hope you get back on track and manage to enjoy the rest of your holiday and get back home safely........

  • Thanks guys - back to NSR after about 4 hours just feeling washed out, usual stuff post episode. Good sleep will hopefully put that right. None of the 'tricks' worked this time, well not in a reasonable time frame anyway.

  • Sorry to hear this. Fingers crossed it stays away for the rest of your holiday.x

  • Dehydration along with bad stress were the two triggers that sent me into the first very bad episode of AF. Fantastic you were back to NSR after 4 hours. Enjoy Spain!

  • Sorry to here this, take it easy drink plenty and try to concentrate the mind on something else (difficult I know). Hope it settles soon and you can carry on enjoying your holiday. Oh and stay out of the sun. Best wishes


  • So sorry to hear this especially when you are supposed to be enjoying yourself Here's hoping it will sort itself out soon and you can bask in the sunny weather :-) :-)

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