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AF back in my life

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I had a bad day yesterday. I live in the UK but am in the USA with my husband supporting our daughter who expects her first baby anyday. During the night I had my first AF attack after being free for 3 1/2 years. I had been well controlled on Flecainide, Bisoprolol & Warfarin. It resolved after 4 hours & an extra Flecainide but left me feeling very fragile for the day. Basically I am devastated it has returned at this crucial time when I had been doing so well. I know AF beats AF but had hoped to have a few more years free. Also I haven't the support of my GP or cardio here. Just needed to share this with you all as you will understand exactly how I am feeling

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YOU poor thing - 3 1/2 years and its back. Thats really awful - you must have almost thought you had it beat after this long :(

There is no good time for an AF attack but all things considered this is not great timing for you at all.

And I can completely empathise with your fragile feeling. Even an hour of AF wipes me out for the day. I really don't know why but I guess its anxiety and irregular heart beat.

Any triggers that you can think of or its just one of those random AF things?

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I have never identified any triggers. Avoid caffeine, eat healthy & very little wine.

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Tough! My feelings go out to you. Try not to get too stress as this won't help.

I do hope it settles. How distressing for you. Please rest as much as you can. At least the USA has a good knowledge of the condition if you need their medical expertise.

Enjoy your new grand child.


How disappointing for you - it must have been a shock after so long in NSR. Perhaps the change of time zone and excitement at a new grandchild gave your heart a kick and it's just a one-off breakthrough - fingers crossed!

Enjoy the new arrival and don't let a setback get you down.

Best wishes

Thank you all for support. Hope it was just a one off - will keep you posted

it might just be the stress of travelling long distance?? Did you get dehydrated or have low potassium of magnesium?

I have travelled this way several times with no bad effects & I take magnesium. There doesn't seem to be an explanation but then that's AF

I hope you are feeling a little stronger now. Whilst not ignoring the horrid fact that after so long AF is back, there are surely some positives that you can draw from this, in that you were in control and it was not long lasting and resolved itself with extra flecainide. This would encourage you, surely, should it crop up again (and hopefully it won't) while you are looking after your daughter and new grandchild. As you say, we all know how you feel and that insecure sensation that the carpet's been taken from under the feet.

Suggest you start regular breathing exercises and persevere with them - I use a Qigong one. It's an emotional time and you need something extra on the relaxation side to compensate and prevent any further episodes as it's sounds like your Vagal nerve.

Hope all goes well re AF and of course the baby....we have just had our second granddaughter 3+ weeks ago and they still haven't agreed on a name!!

We all know how you feel try mindfulness which is being in the moment. If you are ok now then be in the moment whst happened happened what might happen we dont know easier said than done but just now think how you feel no af so you are fine. Flecainide is the pill in the pocket so hopefully that we make you feel a little more secure. Its a rotten thing I struggle still but try and get on as best I can. Enjoy your moments with your family .

Great advice much appreciated. Sometimes think much goes on inside that we don't acknowledge

How disappointing during a happy trip. I suppose even joyful stress is still stress. Altitude could be playing a part too unless you are at sea level there.

I hope you feel better now it's settled. I have a son in the States and know how it feels to be in AF whilst there! Enjoy your time with your family and as Christine said - try and relax and stay in the moment. Good luck. Patricia.

Pattiannj... just seen your post & it 'rings bells' with me!

I hope all is well now & that your daughter has been safely delivered of her baby.

A wonderful time but whether it is ' good ' stress or 'bad' stress I think it affects many of us the same as far as AF episodes go.

Our daughter has just presented us with our first grandchild & naturally the most beautiful baby ever ...... However 10 days later ( 3 days ago ) I ended up in the Emergency ward with fast AF , unresponsive to drugs as usual, & had to be electrically cardioverted the following day - my 14th DCCV.

So these things happen & so often quite take us by surprise at the most inopportune time.

Best Wishes


I know exactly how you feel. I can go a couple of months with no Afib but I am constantly thinking about it and when it will return. Even when you don't have an episode you do. It never leaves your mind.

Stress is probably the culprit since you don't have any known triggers. Taking time out to relax and do calming breathing exercises might help.

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