Back in AF!

I had an RF ablation 2 weeks ago and all seemed to be going well until Wednesday this week when the all too familiar symptoms of AF returned.

I paid a visit to my GP yesterday (Friday) and had an ECG. This confirmed my fears that I have reverted back into AF.

I'm feeling despondent at the thought of going through it all again. Which is what the EP said will happen.

The AF has come back with a vengeance as I'm feeling pretty rough at the moment. Hopefully this will soon settle and feeling better soon.

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  • Just contact your arrhythmia nurse or the EP's secretary and explain . This is quite common and no need for despondency just yet. It takes at least three months and sometimes six for the heart to heal so far, far too early to say it has failed. OK you may need a cardioversion if it doesn't sort itself out soon but there is plenty of time for it to settle down.

    A second ablation may be needed eventually but don't get too far ahead of the game please.

    Relax and think positive.


  • Thanks for your advice Bob

  • Hello Millie, sorry to hear that you are back in AF. I'm sure you know that it takes 3 to 6 months for the heart to settle after an ablation and for the scar tissue to form that prevents AF, so it is very early to start jumping to conclusions. Were you given any contact details for help from an Arrythmia nurse as there may be a medication option that might bring you back into rhythm. Of course you are dissappointed, I know I was when I flipped into AF a week after my ablation, but fortunately, I got back into rhythm after several hours, and hopefully you will too.

    Fingers crossed for a good wishes, John

  • Of course this could be a one off event whilst your heart is settling but this is what happened to me - my first ablation made things a whole lot worse but my second - March 2014, 4 months after the first, worked very well and apart from 2 short episodes in the last few weeks I haven't had so much as a suspicion of AF and even when I had the episodes they were much, much less symptomatic and I could function almost normally whilst prior to 2nd ablation I couldn't raise my head off a pillow without fainting.

    Now I do not take any AF drugs apart from anticoagulants.

    I would therefore echo - 'no need for despondency' - just determination. You need to think of ablation as a series rather than a one off event as a lot of people need 2,3 or even 4.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Best wishes CD

  • This happened to me 7weeks post ablation but settled its self after a few hours went to cardio last week he said that it was not unusual to need a touch up but if it happens again to have a CV and see him again so please try not to worry

  • Same happened to me 3 weeks after procedure no 1. AF returned much worse. Saw EP after a few more weeks who did say it's early days, but I think you will need a second. He said my ECG was aggressive. He booked me then and there saving me several months of waiting. He said I should have informed him earlier as he needed to know so please try and contact, nothing to lose. If you do need a second it will be a lot easier.

  • oh dear,

    mine came back last week after 6 years free of af I guess we will never be totally free of the dreaded return

    best of luck Derek

  • BobD's finger on the button as ever- my second ablation 'touch up' was in May and I had 3 24 hour periods of AF in the following 4 months.

    However have been AF free in the last 3 months - despite some other intrusive health issues which I thought might trigger it.

    So early days - we all heal and respond differently . Take care and good luck.

    PS I wouldn't hesitate to phone the arythmia nurse if I was concerned about anything - or even to report an AF episode - the more data they can assemble the better for everyone in the long term.

  • My ablation was around the same time as yours. The first 6 days post were fabulous, but then I had some on and off irregularities. I was on a beta blocker prior to the ablation and my EP had me increase the dose slightly. It has mostly settled down since doing that. Sending calming energy your way!

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