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AF, Anti-Depressants and Magnesium

I am 53 and on 200mg per day of Amiodarone, 100 mg Metoprolol, Plavix 10 mg and a few other bits and pieces.

MY AF started when I attended an exercise bootcamp for 3 weeks. It was fantastic until I started reducing my heart meds so I could get my HR up and one day I succeeded TOO well and my first AF hit at 200 - 260 BPM and I had to be cardioverted.

I had 5 hospitalisations in the next 12 months, some due to me being wreckless with taking meds and others just because.

I will admit I had an alcohol problem that would have definitely exacerbated the problem (am now off the drink completely and have been for 18 months). Anyway I digress.

Being regular with meds has meant I have not been to hospital that often in the last 2 years. I started on anti-depressants about 9 months ago and after 3 months my feelings of anxiety seemed to be constant and I was having an AF episode about once a week instead of once every couple months. For the most part.

I finally went off the anti-depressants and within a few days realised the feeling of anxiety I was having was actually me feeling on the verge of an AF episode constantly.

Anyways last week I had a mild AF at work. If I had been at home I would have tried to manage it myself but I wa sat work, by myself so thought it best to call the Ambo.

A&E gave me a Metoprolol 50 mg and a magnesium drip.

This was the 2nd or 3rd time I had had the magnesium and decided to do some investigation.

As it turns out two things that can strip your body of magnesium are alcoholism (guilty of that from several years ago) and AMIODARONE.

As many of you probably know a lack of magnesium in the body can easily trigger AF.

I kick started myself onto magnesium supplements about 10 days ago and feel SO much better already. Haven't had that vague lurking AF feeling since I started on supplements.

Has anybody's physician or Cardio recommended magnesium especially if you are taking Amiodarone?

It would seem to be obvious to recommend but neither of mine have ever suggested it which kinda peeves me.

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Thank you both for your interesting posts. I note from CDreamer's comments that she advocates a good soak in a magnesium bath. I tried this last night but am not sure about the solution mix. I would prefer this form of ingestion rather than taking yet another pill.


Thanks big leg, think I was a bit under salted! Where do you get the big bags. I could only find a measley container in Boots.


When I told my cardiologist that I took a magnesium supplement he didn't say anything but gave a knowing nod which I regarded as a positive response.

There have been a number of informative posts on this forum about magnessium over the last few days. If you have missed them, it may be worth scrolling back to read them.


I have had PAF for 18 years and am a Type 1 diabetic. I have perfect health apart from this. My heart is in good condition. Neither GP, diabetes specialist or two cardiologists were able to propose supplements. I eventually got a pill in the pocket remedy to stop the AF if it occurred. The worst I've have were three episodes in a week in October 2014 and December 2014. I used 100mg flecainide with 25mg Metoprolol to stop two AF episodes. It worked within 1 hour if I dissolved the flecainide in a glass of water.

I did my own research and started using Taurine. It seems to eliminate anxiety and with the pill in the pocket as back up I remain without any medication and have been free of AF for almost 3 weeks. I recommend that you do the research about natural supplements and then ask your doctor whether he approves of using them.


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