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Painkillers with Pradaxa


Hi, I'm trying to google what painkillers are safe to take with Pradaxa. All I'm seeing is what not to take, then only one drug, which I've never heard of is suggested. In other words, is it safe to take paracetamol?. I've got s banging ear infection!😢 thankyou.

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Hi I've taken paracetamol...and I'm on Slozem and Apixaban I was told it was ok...but don't know about pradaxa

YannyD in reply to Walker1234

Thankyou for replying.

Sorry, I've found out.

This seemed to be really no safe painkillers that are compatible with anticoagulants. So I opted for acupuncture, which really worked very well.

JaneFinn in reply to tony85

Is it true there are no safe painkillers on anticoagulants? I thought paracetamol was thought to be ok (on the new ones at least)? And codeine? But I'm v glad your acupuncture worked :)

tony85 in reply to JaneFinn

Paracetamol is all right as long as you Don't take too much,, or for too long.

Codeine is okay, but it gives me terrible constipation and it is addictive, but it can be used with anticoagulants

JaneFinn in reply to tony85

Thanks, Tony :)

I was told that I should not take anti-inflammatory painkillers such as Ibuprofen, nor aspirin but that I could take Paracetamol. I also thought you could take Codeine. Best check with your pharmacist.

I took paracetamol lastnite. My flaming eardrum burst. I'm off to docs today so I,ll ask about painkillers with Pradaxa and report back on here. Thanks all.

JaneFinn in reply to YannyD

Oh no!!! Oh you poor thing ... That sounds very painful... Do let us know how you get on.

I take Apixaban, and take Pregabalin for nerve pain. Ok so far

I've taken acetomenophin (Tylenol) for years with no problem. Not really antinflammatory, but help with the usual aches and pains.

Tylenol is fine

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