Ablation +3 days

Had my ablation three days ago now. Was out on the general about 4 hours and the doctor says the fatigue up through this morning was probably that. Also had a TEE that left me with a sore throat through this afternoon.

The doctor is telling me I have no physical restrictions after today and can basically do whatever I feel up to.

They used 5 catheters so I have 5 holes to deal with. I'm a little skeptical that I could start the push up and sit up routine they say I can restart. Any suggestions?

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  • I don't think the doctors know enough about exercise soon after ablation. I know I did too much too soon and wrecked my first ablation. After the second I went much more slowly. I tried doing some exercise about 3 weeks after and immediately got ectopics so stopped. I just listened to my body, took small incremental steps but found it took 6 months + before my HR settled down and reacted normally to exercise.

    Everyone is very different and heals at differing rates so the very general advice is to do what you feel is right for you, some people find the fatigue lasts for weeks, others feel great after a few days.

  • Hi Ken from Devon!

    My advise is to take it slow and give your heart and body time to heal. It has had a wee bit of a trauma in my view! Took me 6 months to start to be able to be back to proper exercising again and even now, 11 months on, I don't over do it as hey, I really want my ablation to work for as long as possible as enjoying the 100% improvement in the quality of life and that is so important to me...

    I have had to build up aerobic exercise again gradually as I realised I had almost come to a "halt" for the last year before my ablation as increasing my heart beat made my AF much worse! There are so many wise people to listen to on this site, pick out the ones that are helpful for you.

    Good luck with it all and good wishes


  • These doctors have never been through it have they? My arrhythmia nurse, a wise young lady, told me do nothing for the first week and not a lot more for the second. It takes three months for the heart to fully heal after the ablation so you will have some issues like odd rhythms and fatigue during the next few weeks. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Keep it gentle and work up gradually. Like CD I screwed up my first ablation by being an idiot and thinking I was better out of the blocks.

  • Don't, you need to give yourself time to heal and not worth undoing what has been done.


  • Thanks for the responses. That's where I am too. In fact woke up this morning back in AFIB as I was told to expect while things settle out. So I'll take it easy and do less than I feel capable of for a few months.

  • Hi! Before my ablation I worked out 5 days a week -- HITT, cycle, strength training, etc... --- pretty intense training. My doctor told me the same thing but I was scared and reached out to this forum. I had my ablation Jan 26th and I am just now getting back to doing HITT -- it's frustrating and I wanted to do more sooner but from the advise of others on this forum, I listened to my body and took it easy. No need to over do it... I would start out with treadmill or elliptical and work your way up.

  • Every response was was right on!!! Listen to your body and heart!!! It's been through a LOT!!! When the Doctor says !do whatever you feel able that could mean get up a little later, have some tea, read, only take a walk if you REALLY FEEL YOU CAN... naps are OK! Take your meds... talk to US!!!! We ❤️ U! It DOES take 3 mos for the heart to heal... so yes, be good to yourself!!!

  • I had mine one month ago and I will not return to working out until my first appointment with my ER at the end of the month. I walk everyday but that's it. Need to give the ticker time to heal and not stress it. Take it easy; exercise can wait! Heal and rest!

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