Skipping Beats !

Hi Everyone ! Hope you're all in good health and happy :) I did my Cryoablation two and a half months ago ! What I'm experiencing recently is my heart skipping beats !! It happens to me daily for an hour or something ! As if my heart beats One Two Three beats then stops for two beats then back again ! That's very weird never had this before the ablation !

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  • Hi, I had my ablation 3 weeks ago and my heart skips beats every day, with today being particularly bad, for no apparent reason. I assume you have a follow up appointment with your EP, so see what they say. I know from this forum that it takes about 3 months to settle down.

  • Yeah but I'm almost three months and it started a month ago !

  • which means you are still well within that magical 3 month period which, as I understand it, could actually extend to 6 months or sounds like you are describing ectopics which seem like missed heart beats. I was told that these can be common after an ablation and they are generally not dangerous. I still have occasional ectopics and my first 6 month review was 3 weeks ago and my EP appeared not to be worried. They can be troublesome, so if they continue, I'm sure you will raise it with your EP at your review.....all the best, John

  • Thanks John ! But u know those skipping beats started two months after the cryablation ! And they scare me

  • I had mine 28th sept have missed beats all the time some dats worse than others cardio not worried

  • What do u exactly feel plz ?

  • It is not unusual to experience ectopics - everyone has them to some extent they are just not aware of them. AFers are so attuned to their heartbeats we nearly always are aware of them. Completely benign we are told.

    You can often stop them if they become troublesome and come in clutches as they can cause breathlessness, by doing some focussed breathing. - slow you breathing right down - 7/11 breathing is when you breath I. Very slowly for 7 - hold for 1 - breath out for 11. The important bit is for your breath out to be longer than breath in. Practice daily for 5 mins and use when troubled by ectopics - closing your eyes and really focusing on just your breathing - breath in - breath out,

    Calms, improves vagal tone and stops ectopics.

  • Thanks a lot :)

  • I'm still missing beats 30 months later. You probably did before the ablation but were less aware of it. With me it seems to come and go with various triggers but its not serious like AF, just a slight inconvenience

  • What's the trigger for that ? It's really annoying my heart suddenly pauses ! And it last for an hour

  • Hi I am 6 weeks post ablation and have the same symptoms as yourself. had ectopics before but these are like skipped beats. These are supposed to be quite common after ablation. Wish we were given more info on what to expect afterwards,seems to be a severe shortage of this. I am still very tired and lightheaded and a blood test this week showed low white blood cells so could be a virus or Apixaban side effects,has anyone else had this?

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