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Ectopic beats and thunder and lightening storm link

Good morning, this may sound a bit far fetched, but can storms cause ectopic beats. I woke last night feeling very unsettled. Thought I may have gone into Af but no, I had a very steady regular beat and every now and then one or two extra beats. I was awake for about half an hour and the lightening started followed by the thunder. This carried on for about an hour in line with my heart and then both calmed down. Now a beautifully watered garden and calm heart. Wishing you all a good Bank holiday Monday :) Bella

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Hi Kiwi2, I love thunder storms but my heart don't like it, I feel very unwell when storms come and i can tell you before they arrive as my heart plays up. Once the storm has gone i feel fine and the heart relaxes. Me personally i think it has all to do with the amount of electrical activity in the storms. I have mentioned this to my EP several times and he could not answer the reason why my heart plays up.


Well if this is true then those of us in the South East and London will find out from around lunchtime today if the forecasts are right. Big thunderstorms coming our way.

Perhaps people will report back on here, and we could conduct a very unscientific study.

Be well


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Good idea :) I am in Reading so must have had the storm early.


Various people over the years have raised this possibility on occasions and nobody should discount it as we are all different with different levels of interface with the natural world. Changes in atmospheric pressure can change moods in some people and I also remember a member some years ago who found sudden noise started her AF and hated bonfire night and thunder storms for that reason.

I think build up of static electricity could be a possible reason but then why are you not affected by modern life. Cars with key-less entry, electric cookers etc have all been blamed for affecting pacemakers so it is possible. And don't forget what your Grandma used to tell you. Don't look in the mirror during a thunderstorm or you could see the devil standing behind you.


That is interesting. It made me think of something: I and my sister have always had a high static electricity thing going on since we were young. Niether of us can wear battery watches or use magnetic credit cards, and both of us get shocked while touching phones, door handles, and while exiting a car. I noticed the last two years that my worst Afib episodes, that last for a couple months, are in the winter. High static time. Guess I will ask my Doctor about it.

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