Ablation 3 weeks ago and SO tired

Hi, I had my ablation 3 weeks ago this coming Tuesday. My groin is healed, but I am still getting a skipping beat at various times throughout the day, although nowhere near as many as pre ablation. I am aware from the posts on here that it can take 3 months to settle down, so it's early days, but i am SO tired with very little energy. This week was my first week working, which although i have to travel, i sit down most of the day. All i want to do is stay at home and do as little as possible. Any clue when this will pass and i can get my energy back and maybe even attempt a pilates or yoga class? Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Thank you X


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  • Hello Rosie, it's hard I know, but I think you are expecting too much too quick. I just read your previous posts and clearly, and not surprisingly you were very apprehensive about having the ablation. Now, within just 3 weeks, your heart has taken a bit of a pasting - you have returned to work and probably also had to worry about the usual domestic and family dramas plus you are also concerned that your heart is skipping beats...... so is it really surprising you feel knackered. I have know idea when it will pass, but I'm pretty sure it will soon, but if you are worried, try contacting the Arrythmia Nurse at the hospital, but I'm sure you will bounce back soon.....best wishes, John

  • Thank you John, I think if i don't begin to feel a bit less tired by the end of next week i may contact the nurse, but i am hoping that I will begin to feel a bit more energetic and this tiredness will pass.

  • Take it slowly, your body is telling you to rest so listen to it.

    I found as soon as I tried to do any exercise I got ectopics and lumps and bumps so didn't even try Pilates or yoga for several months, but I did get back to it.

    Everyone reacts differently to ablation and depending upon whether you had sedation or a GA will influence your recovery. Many of these drugs can take weeks to clear your system.

    If you don't recover your energies after another week or so then I would go back and see your doctor. That happened to me and it was only then I found I had an underlying condition which was triggered by the ablation, but that is a very rare condition, my GP had never encountered it before in 34 years of practice.

  • Thank you very much for your advice. I definitely don't have the energy to exercise at the moment and i am doing as little as i can, when i can. I am planning to wait another week and see if i feel less tired, i am hoping i will just wake up one morning and feel a bit more energetic! If not i will take your advice and see my gp.

  • Hi

    I'm so pleased firstly to hear you had the courage to have it done. I had mine - under emergency - two weeks ago and am still lying around. I know my circumstances were different but I think you have been amazing to get back to work no matter if it's sitting down. There is little wonder you feel like staying at home. No one can tell you when your body will recover but I'd say expect to recover over time and don't underestimate the energy drain working and being at home can make. Can u do mindfulness and yoga meditation as alternative or something else you enjoy? I know it's not what you want to hear perhaps but taking things slowly now would probably be what you would advise a friend in your shoes. I have a friend with her foot in a cast she's at work exhausted and I keep reminding her in a few months she will hve forgotten her present frustrations but will be glad she rested when she could. Can you take more time off and be less demanding of yourself maybe? We can all be guilty of that! I do hope you can do a bit less and get rest as much as possible. Take care.

  • Thank you for your reply Julie. I am glad to hear that you are resting after your emergency ablation. Like Bob has said many times, and now having had an ablation myself, 2 weeks of rest is vital, so do very little. Yes, i agree meditation is good and i do meditate, but I think i expected to be up to my normal speed by now! By the way my normal speed is fast and demanding of myself!! I agree that if i was talking to a friend, I would advise them to take it easy....I will continue to be mindful of this. I wish you a speedy recovery...

  • Hi it's frustrating to not be ourselves isn't it! Thanks for the kind wishes. I'm a similar pace to you - fast and demanding. I know in my situation I've been too poorly to expect very much of myself right now. It's probably very much an individual timescale as to when we get back to normal speed. Take good care. Xx

  • Thank you and you xx

  • Hi Rosie, I feel your pain. I finally got 30 mins of cardio exercise in a few days ago and I am still tired from it - but it took a little over a month post ablation and I am still battling a Pulmonary embolism or blood clot in my lungs at the same time which rushed me to the ER 12 days post ablation. It takes time is all I know and when it's time you will know that its ok. I went from 3 naps a day and sleeping in a recliner as I was unable to breath lying down in bed to almost feeling normal now as long as i don't push it too very hard or breath too deeply. I am on warfarin only now versus also giving myself 2 lovanox shots daily AND warfarin.. My Af is gone but my BP and resting heart rate is still too high but I expect that come come down in time. How old are you and what was your energy physical style pre ablation? *I keep saying "This too shall pass - but now would be good!" Best wishes.

  • You have really been through it, I am glad to hear that little by little you are recovering. I am 52 and i have always exercised, although for the last year i haven't done any cardio, just pilates and yoga due to my AF. I expect this to pass, i think i just expected it sooner. I am very tired and dont have the energy for exercise or for doing much really, but who knows maybe next weekend i will feel a bit more energetic! I wish you a continued recovery...

  • Best to you also Rosie. Though Pilates and Yoga is pretty hard by itself! LOL... Ask me how I know.. smile.

  • This effects people in different ways ,my self after my last Ablation it was the bruising that caused me problems ,as for the skipping beat I still get the occasional one my Ablation was carried out three months ago. You will find this will settle .

  • Thank you, I am hoping that it will all settle down and i am feeling positive.

  • I am strong and fit but was very delicate for at least the first three weeks. PAF on most of the first 8 days. Took 4 months for ectopics to stop. I didn't try to exert myself at all for the first month.

  • Thank you, i am also hoping that my ectopics stop, but know its early days. Yes, delicate is a good word for how i feel, fingers crossed in another week that i will feel more energetic. I am mindful not to overdo it.

  • Hi Rosie, i feel your pain. My ablation was 2 weeks ago and i have never felt so bad in all my life. Until coming across this community i was beginning to think it could be some thing bad. I have no svt anymore just the ectopic heart beats that get me down, but i understand these will pass, its just my energy level is zero! I cannot hardly operate my body, all i won't to do is lay down, its so depressing, i hope we both feel well full of energy very soon, take care

  • Hi Sue, yes my energy is very low and i am a week ahead of you (3 weeks today). I am hoping that by this weekend i will feel less tired. Today my ectopic beats were worse than any other day which i can not work out, but i keep telling myself its early days....it can take 3 months to settle down, so we need to be patient and rest when we can. Wishing you a speedy recovery. x

  • Yes you are right. It does take time for the heart to settle down. Don't do too much too soon. Slowly but surely you will start to feel stronger and the ectopics will subside. Good luck

  • Thank you Carole, that is what i keep telling myself....its early days.

  • Hi I've just come across these posts and wondered when you started to feel more energised? I've just finished my 2nd week,post ablation and continue to be exhausted. I'm due to start work in a week.


  • Hi. I had ablation 6 weeks ago and feel great now, but it took 1 month before I felt normal again. First week I had chest discomfort, low blood pressure and the fatigue lasted for 3-4 weeks. Listen to your body. It just takes time. I took 2 weeks off work and the third week I went in just mornings. 4th week I went back full time but paced myself. I was in bed by 9pm most evenings. Hope you feel better soon

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