3 weeks post AV node ablation

I was hoping I could post a very positive outcome but it's not happening yet. Pacemaker set at 60bpm lowest it's been down to 49 for a few minutes 1 week after ablation and I can feel my heart having its tantrums more often and pulse misses. On the positive side my pulse rate is not fast - hurrah!

Does anyone know if this is a healing process and things settle eventually like they do after pulmonary vein ablation? Thanks for any helpful advice to come.

Susan 🌹

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  • Sorry you are still suffering. Did the consultant give you some idea of how you would feel? I can't give any comfort I'm afraid as I haven't had this procedure but I'm sure someone on here will be able to offer some advice. I just wanted to say hang on in there and give it all a chance to settle down and I will be thinking of you. I will be interested to hear how you progress.x

  • Hi Dedeottie

    I was looking through the posts and can't find my reply to you. I did write one so don't know what I've done with it. Just wanted to thank you for your response and kind thoughts. Best Wishes


  • Hi really interested to hear how you go on.after many years of differant meds and thrèe ablations i am going to go down the road of av node ablation i just want to be of all the meds that are not working anymore. I hope you feel the benefits soon. Kind regards

  • Hi Chipper13

    It is a serious decision to make yes. I couldn't tolerate rhythm control drugs and was only able to cope with 5mgs of

    Bisoprolol which has been reduced to 2.5mg. I think perhaps this will be reduced again or base heart rate increased a little. Just guessing though. I will post updates. Best Wishes


  • I'm 5 weeks post my first ablation. Have not been in NSR since. Tried several medications but allergic. Finally added ameodarone. I couldn't tolerate the loading period of 2 pills twice a day. Sent me for echocardiogram. Results show severely dialted left atrium, moderate to severe mitro valve regurgitation.

    Have a scope test next week to see if mitro valve is indeed as bad as the echo shows. If so, I will be sent to a specialist for valve replacement.

    Since ablation I've had all these problems develop. I am a very health, active person. I'm thinking I should never had the ablation. TH ameodarone has placed me in NSR, At what cost? I do not like this drug at all. Was told no other choice.

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