Looks like 2nd Ablation didn't Work

Had my second ablation at the beginning of November. Had a couple of blips during the last three months. Very short episodes. Came off all medications three days ago. Then at 11pm last night had a full blown episode. Waited about an hour for it to stop as most of my episodes only last an hour or two when I'm on medication. After an hour heart was still going crazy so took 100mg of flecanide and converted ten minutes later. This morning going back on flecanide and diltiazem and will call my EP to see if he wants me to stay on my medications until I see him mid March. Had really thought this second one had worked. Seems after each ablation it gets a little better. Guess I will be having round three.

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  • Hi John - It never seems right to me to come off medication quickly, far better to do it gradually. Right after my ablation last July my EP came and said to stop my Flecainide, I did and my heart raced badly the very next day. I'm sure our hearts must get used and adjust to having the restraint of medication and to suddenly stop taking it is surely asking for trouble. So I wouldn't despair right away, but perhaps at a later date try and reduce gradually over say a month or two.


  • Thank Jean

  • Jean is right.....My EP told me to come off my maintenance dose of Flecainide (2x50mg) after my 6 month review. I tried to wean myself off gradually, but after 3 days of watching little bits of Flec fly all over the kitchen I jus stopped and 3 days later I went into AF which stopped quickly after taking some Flecainide. An EP (not mine) said that this was not a indication that the ablation has failed.....although only 2 weeks further on, so far so good. There is still a fair bit of time needed for you heart to settle, but still worth discussing medication with your EP......Good luck, John

  • Thanks FlapJack. Trying to stay positive.

  • I had lots of arrhythmias post ablation which took 5 months to settle down. That was in feb 2013 and all clear since then - so don't give up hope yet.

    I came off meds on day of ablation.

    Good luck🍀

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