Second ablation confirmed

I saw my E.P. today and he confirmed that a second ablation is needed to tidy up. I shouldn't have to wait as long for this one ( 6 months last time ). I was quite glad to finally have it confirmed to be honest. I'm not quite so glad to be told that this time I will have to stop the flecanide 5 days before the procedure !Now I'm going to enjoy my holiday in Dubrovnik as the good old flecanide has got the A.F. and tachycardia under control ( touch wood ) x

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  • What did your EP say is back up plan for those 5 days?

  • He said we would talk about it further at my pre med. I hope there is a back up plan!

  • I had to stop my drugs 2 days before, within 12 hours I was in uncontrolled AF, so was chemically cadioverted, 12 hours later back into uncontrolled fast AF and another chemical cardioversion.

    My EP said it was important to see how my heart behaved without any drugs and how it responded to the drugs they gave me for cardioversion.

    I wouldnt fancy that away from a hospital. I had forgotten how bad AF feels when it IS uncontrolled by medication.

  • I know, I had too. When it came back it was a huge reality check. Made me very grateful for the meds! X

  • Well, you know where you are now and you know what to expect! Great that you shouldn't have too long to wait.

    Have a great time in Dubrovnik!

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