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Af after Ablation when had couple of pints of bitter

Can anyone advise if having a couple of pints about 3 times per week is not advised. As have a heart rate monitor on my iPhone so can check my heart rate and rhythm occasionally. I seem to only get slight af on days after having a pint or two. I am now 7 weeks since my Ablation could it be my heart still setting down after the Ablation ? I have appointment for Echocardiogram in two weeks time which I understand will check how my heart is performing after the Ablation. My heart rate is still up and down at times between 50 & 70 bpm. Which is much better than before Ablation when it was going between 60 & 160 I am still on 10mg Bisoprolol per day and a small satin 10mg Atorvastatin.

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Methinks you probably already know the answer to that one.....it's a bit like, when should I stop banging my head against the wall.......at least try not to drink until the heart has had a chance to recover from the trauma........


no alcohol for you I'm afraid !! You'll get used to it if you find a substitute drink so you don't miss the sociability of the pub! It's a known trigger for AF and you have just had a serious intervention- don't risk spoiling it !!


My advise to you leave the alcohol alone ,Af free for eighteen months and then went back onto a couple of pints ,AF returned after two days ,its hard so no alcohol for me ,I had my second Ablation two months ago keeping my fingers crossed and now drinking lime and soda.


Probably the effect of the bisoprolol and alcohol. I was told not to drink alcohol. I do have a small glass of wine or beer occasionally and get away with it. Maybe two pints was too much sadly.

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I am almost 1 year post ablation and alcohol still will set my heart off. You may be like me and have to think you may not be able to do alcohol anymore. I still have a drink on occassion but I know when I do, I will have an uncomfortable night.


Hi mike

If I have to much drink Beer or spirits I wake up Approx 2 hours after going to bed with a very fast heart beat which lasts about an hour then settles down .....hope this helps


Thanks Hazbil

I am limiting myself to two pints of 3.2 strength beer. Which does not seem to give me a problem. Was not told at Hospital in Stoke not to drink beer but just to limit shat you drink. Which means my Sunday lunch time pint with my mates is not spoiled. Mike


I get this too.I also get really hot as well in night after a glass of wine.


I'm not a beer drinker I drink Brandy , if have 3-4 35 ml with coke no problem jfjern I also become very hot a well if I go over the score .


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